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Why Africa needs blockchain

Leishen Pillay | Partner and Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications | Hogan Lovells | leishen.pillay@hoganlovells.com | www.hoganlovells.com | Bitcoin may make headlines when its...

REVIEW: Nokia 8. The flagship from Nokia

Nokia is not only back, but they are aiming high. The New Nokia 8 is a true flagship specified device from the legendary team...

Airports taking to the cloud?

Airports are hives of activity, a-buzz 24-hours a day with travellers, staff and other patrons. To give an idea of how busy airports get,...

Technology is transforming the insurance industry

The insurance industry has been characterised as traditionalist and conservative - an industry that is slow to change with limited consumer reach. Technology innovations...

5G will bring IoT to Life

By now, many of us have heard about the Internet of Things - the trend that sees sensors and Internet connectivity embedded into just...

Rise of the Machines!

How is AI changing the world as we know it? Imagine a world ruled by robots, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to wield commercial influence and drive our daily decisions. Imagine if your every move was predictable, your behaviours easily anticipated, your world reduced to a set of probabilities.

Mobile Data Intervention an ‘Obvious Priority’

Urgent intervention to bring down the price of mobile data is an obvious priority for South African consumers and the country’s Minister of Telecommunications...

GIVEAWAY: LG Monitor – worth R20,000!

SUBSCRIBE to BusinessBrief and stand a chance to WIN an LG Monitor worth R20,000! Instructions are on Page 6 of the magazine  LG’S STUNNING NEW MONITORS...

REVIEW: LG G6 Mobile Maturity

LG has a long history in mobile devices. The 2016 G5 broke some new ground with replaceable modules, but it was a gamble that...

Airport security and screening

Travellers should prepare for stricter screening procedures at airports in the USA as evaluated intelligence indicates that terrorist groups are continuing to target commercial aviation by aggressively pursuing innovative methods to undertake their attacks, including smuggling explosive devices in various consumer items.
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