While many organisations put enormous resources and effort into building their brands and reputations – as they should – they often pay insufficient attention to the building blocks of any organisation – employees and company culture.

Success and skills mix

Organisational success comes from the commitment to having the right talent and skills mix, and facilitating employee growth and development while achieving company goals. Employees are critical to the success of an organisation and can provide a competitive advantage.

Know your employees

Effective HR management is also about talent retention.

This can be achieved by getting to know your employees, understanding their dreams and aspirations, ensuring their needs are met and providing them with real opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally.

Be attractive

Company culture plays a huge role in talent retention and employer attractiveness.

High staff turnover can be very costly. Not only is it expensive to find, hire and train new staff, but employees who leave, take with them intellectual capital. And the trusting relationships they’ve built up with clients also come to an end, which can be disruptive and negatively impact the business.

Building the right kind of culture in organisations is based on the beliefs of the company, its ethics and values and the calibre of employees.

A company where integrity, trust, transparency, discipline, accountability and fairness are core values, backed by practice will be sought-after as a place to work.

Touch the Millennials

Organisations also need to take into consideration the changing work environment and become more attuned to the needs of younger employees, our future leaders.

Young Millennials enjoy and demand flexibility in the workspace.

To cater to these needs, where appropriate, employees should be equipped with mobile offices so that they can respond quickly to client demand from anywhere, at any time, to ensure a free flow of information and quick response time between team members.

Counselling and support

When it comes to the personal lives of employees, the days of separating care from business are long gone.

We’re living in a very disruptive age, with devastating events happening both locally and globally, and a company must adapt to that.

Organisations can no longer expect employees affected by such events to leave their troubles at home and just deliver at work. We need to understand the stresses they are under in their personal lives and find ways to assist them. Organisations can introduce wellness programmes so that in times of personal crises, your employees are able to receive counselling and support.

The ability to look at your team as a family offering support one another through difficult times is vital to being effective and competitive as a company.

Janine Hills  | Founder & CEO | Vuma Reputation Management | | |