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REVIEW | TECNO Spark 7 Pro

TECNO Mobile’s Spark 7 Pro has been officially launched in South Africa. SPARK 7 Pro brings perfectly proportioned forms and best-in-class functions together under one roof - this is exactly what South Africa’s younger generation has been waiting for

Modern customer engagement – keeping up with Gen Y and Z

The term ‘customer engagement’ is arguably one of the biggest buzzwords in today’s business landscape. It's so widely used that when many people hear the phrase, they interpret it as a checkbox item. It is, however, an ongoing crucial relationship between a company and its customers, which is determined by the customer’s preferences and behaviour.

The rising popularity of micro living

Micro living or micro homes are certainly not a new concept. They have been a growing trend in New York, London, Berlin and various other iconic cities across the globe. Micro-apartments offer smart living, luxury and social spaces at an affordable cost.

A millennial’s view of the working world

There is a lot of research about the varied needs and world views of different generations. In this article, as a working millennial, I discuss how work looks through my eyes and what has changed in comparison to how my parents did it.

Youth Day: Entrepreneurship, the buzzword without a causal effect

Entrepreneurship can be defined as the discovery and exploitation of opportunities. One identifies a need and comes up with a solution to remedy the problem, on a great scale whilst making a profit. Easy to define but not so easy to execute.

How to communicate with different generations via email

There are 3.9 billion email users in the world, across every generation. But, while every generation uses it, some use it differently to others. How can you customise your emails, so they connect with the generation you’re talking to?

Leadership and lifelong learning in the new world of work

We began 2020 with the understanding that we were in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). As we grappled with what that means for us as leaders, what changes we would need to make, and what training our employees would need, we were hit with the global pandemic that COVID-19 brought.

Better functioning tech makes for less stress at work

Technology helps us connect, learn, get work done and reimagine our daily lives. Yet as we rely more on technology, we become more sensitive to its performance highs and lows. As the pressure to perform increases, businesses who understand the impact tech has on people are at an advantage.

The evolution of email to emerge as a marketing power tool

With the range of digital communication channels now available, the question of whether or not e-mail will become obsolete is relevant – but ICT and digital professionals believe that email will always continue to serve as a fast, simple, efficient and accurate means of communication.

Diversity and innovation key to the future of asset managers

Diversity and innovation will be key in the future of asset managers in South Africa as the client base evolves to more multicultural and multifaceted millennials. In South Africa, millennials represent the largest generation to enter the workforce – more than 50% of the workforce in 2020, and 75% by 2030.


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