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Businesses that ignore fire safety likely to have the heat turned...

Businesses that experience significant damage due to fire – such as the loss of warehousing space, equipment, or stock-holding – struggle to regain their competitive advantage. This is why it is critical for all businesses to ensure that they have adequate fire-safety measures in place.

Ways to be more productive

Although it sounds cliché, flattened organisational structures mean today’s professionals are expected to accomplish a lot more with less resources. There are times when one person may be working across three different roles, so how can one keep up with the pace of work without having to put in extra hours each week? 

Getting a head start on mental health

Aadil Patel | National Practice Head & Director | Employment Practice | Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr | mail me | While there have been important strides...

REVIEW | Herman Miller Cosm chair

Sitting in the office is often a necessary evil. Imagine the perfect chair which adapts seamlessly to your sitting position and makes your workday effortless. Herman Millar has created such a chair the Cosm. It may not be a gadget in the exact sense of the word but the new Herman Millar Cosm range of office chairs tick all the boxes for innovation based on smart technology, even though they don’t need a plug.

Managing gender transition in the workplace

Managing the gender transitioning of an employee is a complex process and could easily go wrong among traditional mindsets in the workplace. CRS discusses what companies can do to create a more inclusive work environment.

An EVP is essential to attract and retain new-world workers

Job security remains the number one reason people of all ages and levels of employment across all industries stay at their company. This is according to the 2019 Global Talent Trends Report recently released by Mercer. But we know that it’s more than just the paycheck that keeps talent loyal to an organisation.

Derivative misconduct in the workplace

All employers, employees and trade unions will need to be aware of the Constitutional Court's recent Dunlop decision which has clarified much of the uncertainty around how derivative misconduct is applied in the workplace.

IT is all about the employee experience

The future of work is dynamic and decentralised, technology is resetting the boundaries for how and where people work. Employees who are engaged in their work are more innovative and self-starting, research suggests, but 85% of workers globally are disengaged.

PODCAST | The office psychopath – they walk among us!

Psychopaths are not just found in serial killer movies and crime novels – they stalk corporate corridors too, where their trail of destruction might not include murder, but can mean the death of productivity, motivation and profits.

Will we soon see an end to traditional desk jobs?

Think back ± 20 years. You’re sitting at your childhood kitchen table receiving career advice from your company loyal father who encourages you to study hard, achieve good marks at university, with the ultimate goal of twisting your arm into joining an established company where you will spend an average of 25 years in a nine to five job before retiring and enjoying a life of ease from age 65.



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