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IPD 4HR Masterclass

4IR is impacting societies, industries, workplaces and skills across the globe. Beyond technological change, this is about how people and organisations reinvent using technology; thus a 'socio-technical transition'.

How AI is growing in the workplace

So far the effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been slow to reveal themselves in businesses in South Africa but the scale of the oncoming change is starting to become apparent overseas. AI’s influence is growing in the workplace and will bring substantial change to South African offices in the next few years as machine learning, task automation and robotics are increasingly used in business.

Reasons why businesses should consider outsourcing

Organisations started outsourcing specific business activities in the 1990s mainly as a cost-saving measure. Functions not related to the core business, such as accounting, human resources, data processing, security and maintenance were contracted out to specialised service providers rather than handled by internal staff and resources.

Delving deeper into Eskom’s mismanagement

In July this year, Eskom released their much-delayed financial results. Poor results revealed, amongst others, a net loss of R2.3 billion and an amount of R19.6 billion that was attributed to irregular expenditure. 

Succession planning will be affected by new generational thinkers

Organisational succession planning, and the associated management and implementation of such plans, has traditionally been viewed as a long-term, deliberate and well-thought-out process.

New Bills impact employment!

The Minister of Labour has published three bills which will have an impact on employment in South Africa. The bills propose a number of important...

2017 Revised Mining Charter: Will women’s voices be heard or silenced?

Dr Martin Kaggwa | Executive Research Director | Sam Tambani Research Institute | kaggwam@satri.org.za | http://www.satri.org.za/ | The 2017 Revised Mining Charter has created animosity between...

Let’s chat about HR bots

Ronnie Toerien | HCM Development & Strategy Leader | Oracle Africa | mail me | We’ve got used to doing all manner of tasks without needing...

Retrench and Restructure – PART 1

If the data is to be believed, retrenchments are once again on the rise. Lets not speculate why, but the current environment doesn’t induce...

Trade union irony in the labour court!

Trade unions - the vanguard of employee rights; viewed by some as the thin line between workplace exploitation or salvation -  are not immune...
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