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The hidden dangers lurking in your inbox – stay secure and...

According to estimates by our experts, the average share of spam in global email traffic in 2023 was 45.60%. This deluge of unwanted emails not only clogs up inboxes, but also consumes a significant amount of time and resources. On average, each year, employees spend between 5 and 18 hours sorting through spam, and when scaled to an organisation with hundreds of employees, this translates into huge amounts of lost productivity. Yet, the wasted time is just the tip of the iceberg.

The secret sauce of cybersecurity

Who knew that cybersecurity was not about sticking a firewall on the edges of the corporate network? Well it is, but if that’s all you’re doing, you’re already in trouble. At the recent Amazon Web Services (AWS) annual cybersecurity conference, re:Inforce, held in Philadelphia this year, a constant refrain was that cybersecurity is as much about corporate culture as it is about technology.

2024 Cybersecurity Readiness Index reveals decline in preparedness for cyberattacks

The 2024 Cybersecurity Readiness Index reveals a decline in South African businesses’ preparedness for cyberattacks. According to the released index, just 5% of companies in South Africa have ranked at the "mature" level of readiness which is needed to be resilient against modern cybersecurity risks, down by 19% year-on-year.

PCI DSS v4.0 – a game-changer in social engineering awareness &...

As social engineering attacks continue to rise in sophistication and prevalence, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has evolved to address this growing threat. PCI DSS v4.0 places a strong emphasis on social engineering awareness and prevention, going beyond generic security training to mandate specific technology and controls.

The Joint Standard 2 of 2024 on cybersecurity & cyber resilience...

The Financial Sector Regulation (FSCA) and the Prudential Authority (PA) published Joint Standard 2 of 2024 on Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience Requirements on 17 May 2024. The Joint Standard 2 of 2024 (Joint Standard) applies to all financial institutions as defined in the Joint Standard. It sets out the requirements for sound practices and processes relating to cybersecurity and cyber resilience for financial institutions.

The ins & outs of international arbitration

While emotions might run high during a business disagreement, choosing the right dispute resolution method is a practical decision. Dispute resolution attorneys understand this and that it is inevitable for disputes to arise. For this reason, companies must grasp and understand how international arbitrations work, so as to be well-equipped to navigate disputes effectively when they occur.

2024 – The year of elections & the potential for civil...

South Africa joins over 60 countries that will head to the polls in 2024, with heightened risks for civil unrest reminiscent of July 2021 top of mind. 2024 has been dubbed the election year, with voters in more than 64 countries heading to the polls.

Agreeable personalities a top target for cybercriminals

People with an agreeable personality have a higher chance of being manipulated by cybercriminals to share private and sensitive information. The study suggests a striking correlation between personality types and cybersecurity risk. I surveyed close to 700 people on their personality type and how likely they were to respond to different social engineering attacks - when cybercriminals trick people into giving up private information or passwords or clicking on harmful links.

STUDY | How technology will make or break business in 2024

In an era of unprecedented uncertainty, the headwinds facing businesses are stronger than ever. Businesses find themselves navigating a complex landscape, where economic shifts and geopolitical challenges loom large on the horizon. In such turbulent times, the key question is not whether change will occur, but rather how effectively leaders can prepare for and adapt to it.

BI & cyber concerns top risks for automotive manufacturing sector

Business interruption (BI) and cyber incidents are the primary concerns for the manufacturing sector within the automotive industry in 2024. The report, based on insights from over 3,000 risk management professionals and business leaders, highlights the growing importance of addressing these risks to ensure business continuity and safeguard against potential disruptions.


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