A post-industrial era education model

We’re living in a world of radical shift. And yet, our education system harks back to a bygone era. I believe that not only that we are facing a great opportunity to change the way we learn, but in fact, that we need to reimagine education completely, and see it as a process of learning, unlearning and relearning, throughout our professional lives.

Adaptability Quotient (AQ) – boosting careers in a changing world of...

In the volatile and uncertain economic landscape that has come to characterise the past few years, a new kind of intelligence has emerged as the one that sets apart those who adapt and grow in their careers - Adaptability Quotient, or AQ for short.

Reality sucks

Our reality is that our realities are unfixable in the short term as ideologies only change when supporters die of old age or in a revolution.

Optimising employee benefits for a multi-generational workforce

Different life stages mean employees have different needs which require focused attention. Most companies in SA are feeling the pinch of a skills shortage. In the battle for talent, optimising benefits is an important lever that many organisations can do more with.

Who is the UBO? – knowing is vital for any deal

Knowing who the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) of an entity is before engaging in any type of business deal, is a critical task that is often overlooked. This is particularly true in today’s increasingly stringent regulatory environment, in which organisations are increasingly expected to understand who they are doing business with to help fight fraud.

Enigma of Copyright ownership in artificial intelligence (AI) created works

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the law of copyright may be one step behind. Copyright is governed in terms of the Copyright Act which protects certain defined “works” including computer programmes, films, and literary, musical and artistic works. Up and until recently, these works have been created exclusively by humans. The advances in AI, however, have resulted in the possibility of an AI creating its own works with little, or even no, human input.

Copyright Amendment Bill – public participation shambles!

The Copyright Amendment Bill has caused great uncertainty in South African and global artistic and creative markets. The bill has gone through many revisions and attracted widespread criticism. Today, it awaits and has been waiting for President Ramaphosa’s signature for months. But the whole activity must be restarted due to government’s mishandling of the public participation process. If this is not done, the bill will lack the legitimacy that every government policy requires, particularly from the relevant constituency – in this case, innovators.

Augmented reality becomes actual reality

Augmented reality (AR) was once the stuff of Hollywood fantasies. Remember Marty McFly’s son in Back to the Future II sporting a head-mounted graphical display at the kitchen table? How about the use of AR-based gesture recognition throughout Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report? Or the helmet-mounted AR display in Iron Man?

Innovation Value | What drivers are organisations using to compete more...

Emerging technologies and innovative new business models are transforming life, business and the global economy at unprecedented speeds. As digital technologies reshape the modern world, businesses established in less fluid times are having to make increasingly complex and critical decisions against the ticking clock of change. 

How effective waste management supports ESG ratings?

Kate Stubbs | Marketing Director | Interwaste | mail me | Our resilience and adaptability have been put to the test more than ever over the last 18...


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