Planning & budgeting during relentless change


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Should budgeting and planning be considered an outdated discipline?

Given the rapid rate of change and high levels of unpredictability in the world today, should accountants press reset on the corporate performance management landscape? And, is it possible to plan, forecast and budget when once-in-a-lifetime events seem to take place every other week?

Were you also starting to breathe a bit easier towards the end of 2021? Although we were by no means out of the woods, it felt like we were learning to live with the global pandemic and that business activity in many sectors was as busy – if not busier – than it had for quite some time.

While life was by no means certain and predictable, it felt like things were starting to level out. And then came the announcement from South African scientists about their discovery of a new COVID-19 variant, later named Omicron, and the carpet was pulled out from under our feet again. Starting with

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