Unlock new avenues for growth through digitisation


As the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic washes over our country, businesses must continue to look for new ways of working which will unlock value not just for themselves but for their clients as well.

Digitisation — a single solution which provides a raft of benefits — streamlines operations, helps with cost-cutting, increases customer satisfaction and helps make operations sustainable.

Forced into cost cutting while simultaneously increasing performance, businesses are in a position where digitisation can provide incredible value relative not only to their current situation but also to their post-pandemic working world.

Regardless of industry, the overarching benefits of digitisation far outweigh the costs-of-entry associated with the service and, across both the short- and long-term, can be hugely beneficial.

Another benefit of digitisation is disaster recovery. Physical materials are fraught with risks and vulnerable to a number of naturally occurring dangers. They can be easily damaged, destroyed or lost. Digital materials, on the other hand, can be stored indefinitely both locally and in the cloud and duplicated easily (where copyright permits).

As the work-from-home lifestyle becomes a norm for businesses around the world, office-based materials become more and more problematic. Not only do staff run the pandemic-related risks of handling and sharing these resources, they also have to schedule times during which to collect them safely. While digitising these items makes them accessible remotely, duplication means multiple staff members can use the same resource simultaneously and, more importantly, wherever they are, regardless of time of day.

Similarly, as businesses are placed in situations where physical materials can’t be distributed easily and safely, digitisation opens the door for new avenues of income generation. Digitised items can be delivered with incredible ease, not only replacing their physical counterparts outright but also creating scenarios wherein items can be sent to individuals far beyond the usual range of printed materials (and at lower cost). Further to this, by leveraging services which ‘value-add’ the electronic delivery of digital materials, customers might be prompted to sign up for reasons other than ease of use (i.e., going green, speed, text-to-speech functionality, and more).

While the work of digitising analogue materials is quite complex, the team behind the process, with their expert experience, can make it fairly straightforward. Digitisation can even be tailored to the needs to of the customer, making for an offering which can suit budgets of all sizes. When it comes to handling with care, having an expert team that understands the importance of preservation drives the safety of the digitisation process dramatically.

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About Sabinet

With a sound performance history of over 35 years, Sabinet has firmly established itself as a leader in facilitating access to a wide spectrum of high-quality and credible information sources. Over the course of the last three decades, Sabinet has built a strong local and international reputation for providing Africa’s information to the world and the world’s information to Africa.

Sabinet’s mission to support libraries’ technical processes, promote resource sharing and enable access to information sources is underpinned by its commitment, partnerships, understanding and support.

Sabinet’s roots are in library support services, where it is recognised for providing central platforms for collaboration and resource sharing among libraries.

With regard to all of the above: just because we’re working a little bit differently in light of the lockdown, doesn’t mean we’ve had to make any sacrifices to the services we provide. Our performance is still sound, we’re on-mission now and always, and our roots remain unchanged and, more importantly, sturdy.



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