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Prosus delivers strong revenue growth with profitable core operations

Prosus N.V. (AEX: PRX) announced strong revenue growth with profitability in core operations for the year ending 31 March 2022. Building on the prior year’s standout performance, the Group’s ecommerce portfolio delivered revenue growth of 51%1 to US$9.8 billion.

Harnessing tech innovation to deliver tailored insurance solutions

Maintaining customer loyalty and business profitability are ongoing challenges for insurers. Many have turned to developing more affordable products. If anything, this has highlighted the opportunities to be capitalised on by meeting customer expectations for a more tailored approach and increasing relevance in their lives by delivering more value beyond insurance products.

Realigning the links of the disconnected supply chain

We have announced new research findings from our latest global research survey, ‘Realigning the links of the disconnected supply chain’, which explores the challenges and solutions to ongoing supply chain disruptions that manufacturers and distributors face today.

Standard Bank uses digitisation to simplify international payments in South Africa

Standard Bank, Africa’s largest bank by assets, has introduced Inward Telegraphic Transfers (ITTs) to its internet banking platform, offering a convenient, simple and fast way to process incoming funds from beyond South Africa’s borders.

Big 5 banks under pressure as technology parity is reached

The customer satisfaction gap between South Africa’s banks is closing rapidly, with the digital acceleration brought about by the pandemic being a significant equaliser. Banks are under significant pressure to reinvent their customer value propositions and differentiators at a time when technology and digitisation are making them increasingly invisible to their customers - until things go wrong.

Why it’s critical for start ups to have the right partners

In today’s age of collaboration, finding like-minded businesses to create alliances with can be one of your most valuable tools in helping your company grow. Done right, a strategic partnership can have a tremendous impact on a start-up’s success, from increasing sales and reaching new markets to driving efficiency in operations.  

Navigating ongoing digitisation as the world returns to work

Although South Africa faced the peak of its 'Fourth COVID-19 Wave' at the end of 2021, news reports show that the country is firmly heading back to business as usual. Mid-January a Daily Maverick report quoted the health minister, as he confirmed that Gauteng has officially exited the fourth wave, while the rest of the provinces have reached their peak and are now on ‘steady decline’.

FSCA publishes a digital banking research report

In recognition of the increase in the adoption of digital channels by financial consumers, in late 2021 the FSCA published a Digital Banking Research Report on the state of digital banking activities in South Africa.

Retailers must rapidly upskill to thrive in future work environments

With digitisation reshaping the retail landscape, the future of the industry is unfolding before our very eyes. Since the pandemic began and lockdowns ensued, retailers have been forced to rethink the way they do business and, in particular, the way they serve their customers. 

Digital transformation drives move to BPO

Digital transformation is forcing companies to change their business models and adapt to the new market reality. This transformation is being driven by customers and the impact that the pandemic has on how, when and where they expect customer service and support to be delivered.


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