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Reasons why digitisation is vital to ensure resilient supply chains

For any business involved in local or global trade, a robust supply chain is key to sustainable success. The simple reality is that trade disruptions come in many forms, from natural disasters and geopolitical crises, to trade conflicts and even pandemics; and in all these scenarios, a strong supply chain is required to keep a business running, avoid losses, and retain its edge over the competition.

Unleashing Business Potential with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

As I navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation within various industries, I've come to realise how vital the tools we adopt are to our efficiency, connectivity, and competitiveness. In my experience, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra epitomises the kind of transformational tool that transcends its basic function as a smartphone to become a cornerstone for innovative business practices.

AI & ‘phygital’ experiences re-set to reshape the customer journey

With brands recognising the power of conversations, AI-driven solutions, and phygital experiences, consumers can anticipate more personalised, seamless, and satisfying engagements with businesses this year. As technological innovations continue to shape the business landscape, 2024 is poised to be a transformative year for customer experience (CX).

Embracing AI to reshape business dynamics & customer interaction

World Innovation and Creativity Day fell on the 21st of April, reminding us of the boundless potential inherent in human ingenuity and technological advancement. Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront of this celebration, reshaping the landscape of business operations and customer engagement. The combination of advanced data analytics with cloud computing has propelled AI into the spotlight, making its integration more accessible across industries.

Refocusing CX in 2024 – key areas

In today’s rapidly evolving market, customer experience (CX) is a battleground for companies vying to secure a competitive edge. Globally, evidence of the unequivocal correlation between CX and a company’s financial performance is widely understood.

Location intelligence is the secret weapon of data-driven banking

Geographic information systems (GIS) are transforming banking by integrating location-based insights with customer relationship management (CRM) tools. New technologies are rapidly reshaping the banking sector, signalling a shift from traditional, branch-centric models to a more data-driven, customer-centric approach.

The power of consent – putting you in control

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, the concept of consumer consent has taken centre stage for companies. Gone are the days when consent was assumed; today, the control is firmly in the hands of the consumer. For those companies who handle consumer data, consent has to be a priority.

How the correct use of AI brings value to a CX...

During discussions with several of our contact centre customers, the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on call centres and customer experience (CX), strategies is often raised. Various articles have been published relating to AI, machine learning (ML) and bots replacing humans in contact centres, focusing on the advantages that AI brings when compared to having people servicing customers and more.

Are retailers ready for Black Friday?

With Black Friday around the corner, South African retailers are gearing up for one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Unfortunately, most are ignoring a vital element in ensuring they are ready for the influx of shoppers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become staples of the South African calendar, with shoppers spending billions of Rands on deals.

More customer touchpoints can foster insurance personalisation

The evolution of consumer expectations in the insurance industry is reshaping the traditional insurer-customer dynamic. Customers are no longer satisfied with a one-size-fits-all approach; they are looking for a more personalised, meaningful, and continuous engagement with their insurance providers.


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