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Strategies for Coping Considerations for My Adult Grandchildren

By Arnie Witkin

It’s all about your big things in life and your less big things in your life and the energy you assign to each.

It’s Not a Big Thing In Life is a book by a 77-year-old Arnie Witkin with Illustrations by Dov Fedler and a foreword by Michael Holding. This book is the same genre as ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ and ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff?

Basic human emotions

It started as a series of writings meant for his grandchildren, but he gave an early draft to a friend’s granddaughter who was starting university. It had such a positive effect on her that she believed that it should be for grandchildren all over the world and their parents and grandparents. Hence the publication of this book.

In a world of algorithms and artificial intelligence this timeless and universal common-sense guide bridges the gap between the generations. It recognises that all the ubiquitous tech in the world does not change basic human emotions that have been around since time immemorial.

The title suggests that these memoirs are for his grandchildren, but they are valuable musings for any and everyone. As you go through the pages, you will find a lot of humour, as life is supposed to have its frivolity and fun. I can only hope folks will enjoy the pages, as I have, and we learn to appreciate a thing or two about life from an all-rounder who has experienced his fair share of thorns and roses.

– Michael Holding, West Indian Test Cricketer and now a Commentator for Sky Sports and SuperSport

It’s like having in your back pocket an understanding and wise parent whom you can consult at any time.

– Tamara Teeger

In his new book, It’s Not a Big Thing in Life, Arnie Witkin asks you to consider what actions you should take in handling life’s troubles and triumphs.

The 65 topics covered include:

  • Principles of success
  • Love and relationships
  • Sex
  • Work and money
  • Facing difficult challenges and decisions
  • Taking responsibility
  • Humour as a coping strategy
  • Public speaking guidelines
  • Coping with illness
  •  The power of vulnerability
  • Self-compassion
  • How to deal with sexting, cyber bullies, pornography, racism, drugs, anger, jealousy, envy, gambling, trust, etc.

Ever since I can remember, my grandpa has been a constant source of insight, wisdom, and advice. When I was a very small child in London, he and I would sit in these big chairs and ‘contemplate the universe’. He taught me at a very young age some of the most important things I know today. Amongst many other things, I learned about the value of family and loved ones, to listen and keep an open mind to other’s thoughts, to strive for happiness and to differentiate between the really big things from those that aren’t big things in life. I will always hold these values close, thank you Grandpa.

– Sarah Witkin, eldest grandchild.

About the author

Arnie Witkin was a successful investment manager and a pioneer in the private equity industry in South Africa. Since retiring from active business he has been a speechwriter, public speaking coach, executive coach and mentor. His path was far from smooth. After emigrating in 1989 he found himself out of work for three years, living off dwindling capital.

Calling on all his inner strength and resilience he started again at age 50 and once again reached the top of the tree.

Possibly the greatest challenges he faced were being diagnosed with advanced thyroid cancer in 2001, which has metastasised to his lungs, and prostate cancer in 2009. He has developed strategies for coping and living a full life, which are all detailed in the book. He still plays golf three times a week, so everything must be OK.

As an awkward teenager he was quite obese with all the angst this can create. As a result he understands anxiety that shy people can have about sex, inclusion, envy, jealousy, power and ambivalence about what to do with their lives.

  • PUBLISHER | Angel Glow Press |
  • ISBN | 978-0-620-92873-1 |
  • Recommended Retail Price | R250.00 |
  • Classification | Inspiration, Advice |

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