BOOK REVIEW | The Book Every Business Owner Must Read


Insights from leading business minds and thought leaders

The time, for different, is now. Tap into the insights of our leading business minds and thought leaders, and equip your business for a successful new way of doing business.

The world of business is tough, especially today. We know that now is the time for exponential acceleration, adaptability, agility and adjusting; a time for resilience, perseverance and courage; where the frames of reference that so many of us have held onto for so long are simply no longer relevant. But you may be stuck.

You may be frozen and fearful, and feeling panicked. You may be worried, and feel weary. Your vision may be blurred, and you may feel unsure of yourself, yet you have a business to run, and staff to look after.

If you are feeling some, or perhaps all of these things, take a deep breath – help is at hand. With over forty chapters of wisdom, insights, experience, suggestions and advice from some of South Africa’s leading business minds and thought leaders, you will find pure gems of information, ideas and solutions on each page of The Book Every Business Owner Must Read.

Adapt, respond, and define your new ways of thinking to help you succeed. Get your pen and notebook ready, start reading and make notes and lists of what you can do, today, to not only survive, but thrive as a business.

  • PUBLISHER | Tracey McDonald Publishers |
  • ISBN | 978-1-990931-73-4 |
  • Recommended Retail Price | R280.00 |
  • Classification | Business Management |

The book is available in all good bookstores countrywide, and the Kindle edition is also available to download on Amazon.

For more information | Tracey McDonald | +27 (0)83 659 7489 mail me |



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