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Most people tend to think the most successful entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs we read about just got lucky. That the key to their success was the sum of the perfect equation of entrepreneurial traits, skills, money and background. Some magic formula the rest don’t have access to. However, the research and insights I’ve picked up over the years have told me a different story; success is not a magic formula. Ultimately, success has very little to do with your upbringing, race, background, education, income or social standing.

Whether you are Bill Gates or Patrice Motsepe, all successful people before you understood two basic principles: GRIT & PURPOSE.


Why are you here? Have you thought deeply about the reason for your existence? The question ‘why did I wake up today?’ does not typically come to mind when you get out of bed. In this age of an overflowing abundance of every product and service under the sun and the combined lightning quick pace of rapid innovation, one needs to know the story that truly sets them apart.

Entrepreneurs in particular must have a clear picture of their purpose here on earth. In the face of constant failure and continuous struggle it’s important to remain resolute in the game plan behind the scenes and the fundamental reason we go to battle.

We have two guiding principles in the quest of purpose, The Golden Circle and Inch Wide, Mile Deep:

The Golden Circle

In Simon Sinke’s incredible TED Talk, ‘How Great Leader’s Inspire Action’ and through his best-selling book, ‘Start With the Why’ he unpacks the power one can find in answering the Why in their life.

The majority of people can tell you very clearly WHAT they do. If it’s a company, normally this is what product or service they offer. If it’s an individual it’s typically their roles within an organization.

A few more people and brands can tell you HOW they do what they do. This might be their differentiator, what perhaps makes them unique to other consumer options.

However, very few people can get to the root and tell you WHY they do what they do. This is the sweet spot; where some of the most successful brands and individuals have gotten to – Apple, Martin Luther King Jr and the Wright brothers to name a few.

People no longer buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Starting with answering the Why, communicates your purpose first and foremost. It puts your heart, your drive and your motivation right on your sleeve. It’s honest and transparent.

Start your journey with clarity and purpose. Root yourself in the why. Root yourself in communicating the most difficult question first. Root yourself in the Inside-Out approach.

Inch Wide, Mile Deep

If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.” — Elon Musk

Since Musk was a child his focus was rooted in answering one question: ‘What will affect the future of humanity?’ He listed 5 answers that have gone on the shape who he is today: The internet, sustainable energy, interplanetary existence, artificial intelligence and reprogramming the human genetic code.

After selling PayPal, Musk walked away with

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