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Let there be change – the world of technology and leadership

Let There Be Change is a podcast series looking at the world of technology and leadership in a hyper-fast and constantly evolving environment.

How insurance can help lead us to a more resilient future

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken our society to its core. Many family members, colleagues, friends or acquaintances have either lost their lives or been infected. As devastating as the virus has been to livelihoods and communities, there have also been several silver linings.

Unlocking value from the latest critical trends in telecommunications

A virtual space race to the ‘metaverse’ has begun. What does this immersive online future hold, why is it important, and where do we find value? As investor interest surges, we weigh up the short-term hype and long-term opportunities.

Why open source has made technology more than an IT conversation

I feel so grateful to have a career in technology: a career in which change has been the only constant, keeping every day exciting and relevant. Arguably, the biggest change I am seeing right now has less to do with actual technology, and more to do with culture.

Coffee air motion roasting – its in the taste!

Are you are a coffee lover who enjoys to explore new ideas and find innovative ways of making that beautiful cup of coffee taste even better? We absolutely love coffee and everything that goes into producing the finest quality beans, from cultivation and harvest in the lush mountains of the tropics, to air-roasting the beans to perfection before they are enjoyed in a delicious cup of coffee.

BOOK REVIEW | Power Play

The fast-paced business story of Tesla: Elon Musk's battle to build the mass-market electric car to change the world. Inside the outrageous, come-from-behind story of Elon Musk and Tesla's bid to build the world's greatest car and the race to drive the future.

Scaling innovation for maximum business value

Often people talk of innovation as a one step idea-creating process that continues forever. But there are three building blocks to innovation. The idea creation or ideating and creating is only the beginning, with designing and killing ideas and lastly scaling as the other two parts.

Effective customer experience begins with optimisation of operations

Many leading brands find that the operational transformation journey is more challenging, costly, and resource-demanding than expected. Organisations must unify their people, processes, and technology around the common goal of digital excellence to succeed. This is true whether your organisation is made up of multiple entities or functions as a universe of channels reaching out to customers in new and expanding markets.

The Age of Relevance and why innovation holds the key

Innovation as a management discipline and its application in everyday work life has become synonymous with growth and sustainability. As advocated by innovation guru Gary Hamel since mid- 2000, there is a good understanding that Innovation in management principles and processes can create long-lasting advantage and produce dramatic shifts in competitive position.

Lessons from innovation masters in the public sector

Encouraging public sector organisations to become more innovative has always been important. However, doing so has likely never mattered more as the world wrestles with the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak and recovery.


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