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Innovation for future disruption – dream big, start small, scale...

Statistics show that companies that are evolving by embracing speed and agility are growing at twice the rate of companies that are struggling to scale innovation.

The Marketing Automation Revolution

If computers are good at one thing - and they are good at many - it's automating tasks we used to have to do manually. This seems obvious now but it's only since the 1980s that this capability has been in the hands of the average person.

Main reasons why the office really still matters

After working from home and collaborating at a distance, the importance of the workplace and all that it offers has become clear: An office is more than just a place to work and while some people have adapted to working from home (WFH), many people miss the office, perhaps even surprising themselves.

PODCAST | Protecting and cultivating innovation in a remote working environment...

An interview with Darren Olivier, Partner Adams & Adams, and Dr Ivor Blumenthal, CEO, ArkKonsult, discussing the legal implications of remote working with respect to an organisation's intellectual property.

Protecting and cultivating innovation in a remote working environment – a...

If one accepts that innovation is crucial to business sustainability especially in the disruption era in which we live, there appears to be a need to better explain the purpose of intellectual property and how these rights together with workplace policies on performance can assist businesses adapt and compete.

The future of fintech

Digitalisation was already a key theme in the growth strategies of financial services providers before the global COVID-19 pandemic struck. The need to innovate in response to shifting customer demands around engagement and experience, rising industry disruption from digital-native challenger banks or pivots from major digital-native businesses, and the need to respond to a dynamic regulatory environment has spurred digital transformation and entrenched an innovation agenda across the industry.

Driving customer value in the time of COVID-19

What should Customer Experience (CX) look like in the time of COVID-19? It may all come down to speed and convenience, or perhaps human touch and making a real connection is still key. Responsiveness, caring, an appreciation of the problem and ease of use is welcomed. The right solution for the right problem (no matter the size of the issue), handled professionally and ethically, is also valued.

Innovation Value | What drivers are organisations using to compete more...

Emerging technologies and innovative new business models are transforming life, business and the global economy at unprecedented speeds. As digital technologies reshape the modern world, businesses established in less fluid times are having to make increasingly complex and critical decisions against the ticking clock of change. 

Emerging trends – where innovation, strategy & execution intersect with business,...

The next three years do not look like the new normal they look like the never normal. It is not a pessimistic way of describing it but a realistic way, and it means that we need to think long and hard about planning and strategy and execution. There will be a lot of strategic thinking wastage over the next three years, and in our view, we cannot spend enough time studying how people are thinking and how they are reacting to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, the economy, and technology.

BusinessBrief August/September 2020 edition is now available!

Read our exclusive cover story titled INNOVATION VALUE | WHAT DRIVERS DO ORGANISATIONS USE TO COMPETE EFFECTIVELY? by Henra Mayer, CEO, Innocentrix, as well a host of other topical management articles written by professionals, consultants and academics in the August/September 2020 edition of BusinessBrief.


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