What I saw in this corridor blew my mind


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I woke up at 4AM this morning, buzzing.

The room was pitch black and whisper quiet. But inside my head my mind was screaming “This is amazing! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. And I feel so bad about it!”

You see, I am in Silicon Valley and have just spent three days, along with 5,000 other people, at Intuit’s QBConnect conference.

It’s my first time here, and I am stunned. Simply stunned. And certainly not in the way I expected to be.

You see, yes, Intuit make great software (which has just taken a huge leap further ahead, by the way). Yes, they put on a great show (they really do). Yes, they have great people (outstanding, actually). And yes, they have been great hosts (perfect, in fact).

But none of that is why I am stunned.

It is what I saw in a corridor in one of their offices that blew my mind.

A very proud Intuit team member had offered to give a small group of us a tour of the campus where 2,000 of their 9,000 global employees work.

Perhaps inevitably it is an incredibly cool workplace (let your imagination run riot, think automated R2-D2 type robots delivering food for example, and you’ll begin to get the picture).

It happened quietly around a corner 

But then we turned a corner from one corridor into another, and were confronted with something unexpected: a production line.

But it wasn’t software they were assembling, it was food parcels for the needy. And they were doing it joyfully, with visible love and compassion in their hearts, and glowing smiles on their faces.

Suddenly someone rang a gong, and the corridor burst into applause.

They were celebrating assembling their 2,000th food parcel of the day. 2,000 quiet acts of kindness.

That moment told me everything I needed to know. And earned my admiration and loyalty, FOR EVER.

It is what businesses do when no one is looking that tells you who they really are and what they really stand for.

And I now know, without any microscopic shred of doubt, that this is an extraordinarily special business.

So now I feel really bad

The experience was incredibly uplifting. But it has also left me feeling guilty.

You see, in 2016 I published the book ‘The world’s most inspiring accountants‘. And on Tuesday Intuit had kindly give me their stage to give every single delegate a gift copy of my book and talk about the research findings in it (if you missed it, you can still download the book as a gift here HERE).

As you can see in the video recording HERE, at the heart of my presentation was the message that we should be as nice in business as we are in life.

But nowhere in my book or my keynotes have I ever acknowledged or thanked Intuit for being inspiring and ground-breaking exemplars of the core value we share.

To put that right, I want to prove how inspirational they are by my actions rather than my words. Specifically, by matching their kindness through food parcels.

We were privileged to see the Intuit team give 2,000 meals to the needy.

So, as you can see in the screenshot below… on behalf of every single delegate and every single speaker, I have just used the www.b1g1.com giving platform to provide another 2,000 meals to homeless Americans through the wonderful rescuingleftovercuisine.org initiative.

2,000 thank yous. 2,000 smiles. 2,000 acknowledgements.

Intuit, your inspiration made that happen. Just as it makes so many other wonderful things happen.

Thank you for proving that we all really can be as nice in business as we are in life.



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