Financial inclusion and support key to unlocking African entrepreneurship


Peter Moyo | CEO | Old Mutual | mail me |

Driving financial inclusion amongst entrepreneurs and small business owners in Africa will ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge to transform their businesses into productive and sustainable contributors to the continent’s economy.

Key to this is developing a value-driven ecosystem for SMEs in Africa. A value chain nurtured and supported by big businesses on the continent will assist in tackling the critical challenges prominent in the region, particularly the need to create a significant number of jobs for the continent’s booming population.

Small business, big impact

In South Africa, the SMME sector accounts for between 55-65% of economy-wide employment and is a critical interface between the central objective of inclusive economic growth and the structure of the domestic economy.

For this reason, African entrepreneurship is central to Africa’s future prosperity. The most significant business opportunities in the coming decade will be created by Africans who start businesses, generate jobs and wealth, and capture growth opportunities. Developing entrepreneurship across the continent is, therefore, a critical component in achieving these mutually beneficial shared value goals.

The promotion and development of entrepreneurship is not only one of the priorities identified by us, but also in the South African National Development Plan and national programmes in various African countries.

Enterprise and supplier development

As a responsible business, we have a key role to play in two aspects.

The first is the provision of affordable access to finance. The second is access to a holistic ecosystem of non-financial support. This entails empowering South African entrepreneurs, and doing the same for our African SME sector, through the establishment of an eco-system that fosters collaboration and partnership.

When Enterprise and Supplier Development within large businesses work harmoniously together, as an effective and efficient ecosystem reliant on each other’s strengths and support, both small and large business stand to benefit. Enterprise and Supplier Development within large businesses should move beyond compliance and towards the heart of transformation.

Future foundations

Without a thriving and prosperous society and economy, the survival and sustainability of the existing corporates in South Africa are at risk.

It is essential that all sectors play a role in enabling positive futures and laying the foundations for growth and prosperity for all. Corporates have the business experience, the funding, and the expertise to empower entrepreneurs and address some of the national issues that hinder their success and growth.



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