REVIEW: LucidView Enforcer – clean, safe internet in a box


The Internet offers massive potential for knowledge-sharing, education, entertainment and human interaction. However, the Internet also has a potential for danger, including ransomware and malware as well as other risky activity such as piracy, illegal gambling and pornography.

LucidView, a leading provider of remote network management and intelligent cybersecurity analysis tools, has launched the ‘LucidView Enforcer’ to provide clean and safe Internet for homes and SMEs across the world.

“The LucidView Enforcer device signals the beginning of a new trend that we are committed to sharing with South Africa. Collectively, we’ve been so caught up in demanding free Internet access, that we never really considered what type of internet access we should be pushing for,” explains Andrew Wilson, CEO of LucidView, “We believe that South Africans should be demanding safe, clean Internet access, because while we want our children and colleagues to have access to the resources they need, we don’t want them exposed to the darker, more harmful side of the Internet,”

Gamers, bandwidth-hunters, parents and SMEs alike would be interested in the LucidView Enforcer device. The small Wi-Fi access point box is loaded with powerful Internet management capabilities, and it comes at a seriously reasonable price point. By plugging it into an existing network setup, it becomes possible to route all Internet activity through the device.

The LucidView Enforcer can block the three main types of undesirable content: pornography, piracy and gambling – which makes it attractive for parents looking to protect their kids online, without having to monitor their activities physically. By purchasing and implementing this device, small business owners will have peace of mind, knowing that no illegal or workplace-inappropriate content is being consumed on the business network, which frees up resources for legitimate work activities.

Not just a content filter, the LucidView Enforcer also has robust security features with the ability to block malware and ransomware phone-home connections. It also delivers complete transparency into user behaviour on the Internet, providing usage reporting to give the network owner insight into how much time or bandwidth is being spent on which sites and online activities.

“The Enforcer allows the owner to define what ‘safe’ Internet means in their context, by configuring their blocking and exception rules making the device attractive to bandwidth hunters as well. Households or businesses with limited bandwidth allocation – whether it is LTE or capped connectivity, will be able to see exactly where their data is going,” Wilson continues.

The LucidView Enforcer is also able to share bandwidth equally between users on any given network through a feature called ‘FairShare’. For gamers, this means that they will get the consistent, low-latency connection they need, without impacting on someone else’s Netflix or YouTube streaming because the sharing ratios are easily configurable.

The LucidView Enforcer starts at a 20-user capacity and is selling at a special introductory price of just R1,440 after which there will be an annual license renewal.

The LucidView Enforcer is available online through Takealot, To find out more about the LucidView Enforcer click HERE |



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    1. Renewal of Lucid view Guardian proxy licenses x 1
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