REVIEW: Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe


Light, fast, and slick, sum up the new Asus ZenBook 3 deluxe.

Building on the ZenBook heritage the latest in the range of ZenBooks offers eye-catching looks and some of the best technology available today in Ultralite slim notebooks. Steven Ambrose gets his Zen on with this latest Asus ultrabook.

Asus is a Taiwan based manufacturer of premium Technology products and is best known for their Laptops and gaming products in South Africa. The ZenBook Range was released a few years ago and followed the Apple MacBook air school of design for the most part, with some Asus inspired touches.

The latest in the range of ZenBooks is the new ZenBook 3 Deluxe which comes in an eye-catching Royal Blue with a gold finish around the edge. A spun metal finish also ensures the ZenBook 3 Deluxe stands out in a sea of slim aluminium laptops


Looks aside the ZenBook 3 Deluxe is made from an aluminium unibody guaranteeing the ZenBook 3 Deluxe is flex-free, robust yet very light.

Overall when closed it feels like a single slab of aluminium. The 14’ screen is housed in a body that is only marginally bigger than a standard 13” ultrabook. The screen is covered in Corning Gorilla glass five offing a smooth reflection free surface that’s tough and scratch resistant

The ZenBook 3 deluxe is 12.9 mm thick and weighs in at just over 1kg. The Bezels surrounding the screen are tiny, and the contrast ratio of the full HD screen is very high. In daily use, no matter the light conditions the screen is sharp bright and has excellent colour accuracy.

The latest Intel 8th gen Core i7 processor with 16 Gb of 2133MHZ ultrafast memory along with the most recent 1 TB PCI-E 3.0 hard drive is included. In the real world performance, this is an outstanding combination with a fast fluid and stable performance. The benchmarks are right up there with all the other competitors in this space.

There are three USB C ports, two of which are Thunderbolt 3 compatible which can be used with external drives or monitors for very high-speed transfers. Multiple external monitors can be connected along with all your legacy thumb drives when plugged into the included USB to USB A and HDMI dongle.

Another smart feature is the cooling system. High-speed processors and large screens can heat up laptops, making them uncomfortable to hold. Asus has included new 0.3mm fans and a unique copper heat pipe is used to ensure the ZenBook 3 deluxe stays cool no matter the demands. In actual use when doing some heavy video transcoding, I found the ZenBook stayed cool, and there were no hotspots on the rear.

The slim profile only allowed a fair size battery, but I was able to get around 12 hours of actual use from the ZenBook 3 deluxe. Battery life is very dependant on what you do but save to say this laptop easily lasted a full day of active use and carrying the small charger is often not necessary. The battery system also has a fast charge mode with a 60% charge in less than an hour.

The ZenBook 3 Deluxe offers all the latest radios such as the newest Wi-Fi AC and Bluetooth 4.1. A newly redesigned backlit keyboard is also a pleasure to use, and the keyboard travel is good for a thin laptop. The trackpad is also very sensitive and includes Microsoft Windows Precision Touchpad multi-touch gesture support. The inclusion of a fingerprint user in the top right corner initially seemed odd but in practice did not get in the way and was very sensitive and easy to use to unlock the computer.

The ZenBook 3 Deluxe only offers a full HD resolution for its 14” screen which is somewhat below some of its competitors. In actual use, the ultra-high resolution screens do not provide much real-world benefit and do reduce battery life significantly. This is one compromise that does not bother me as the included display is very good for movies gaming and general use.


The OpenBook 3 comes standard with Windows 10.

Much to my surprise there was very little Asus added software on top of Windows 10, often these added touches can be useful, but when the bloatware gets out of hand, the combined software from many manufacturers duplicate standard Windows 10 functions and make the laptop slow and confusing to use.

A standard warranty registration app and Asus software update app are there and well integrated. Asus has included a three-year warranty which rounds out this impressive package.


The Asus Zen Book 3 Deluxe stands out from the other ultralight and slim laptops from Manufacturers such as Dell Hp and Lenovo. The technology and price of all these top end laptops are very similar today. What makes the Asus stand out are small touches such as the outstanding build quality and the overall choice of technology such as the excellent keyboard touchpad and screen

The size and weight is perfect for any road warrior who does not want to lug a more massive machine around, and the performance will allow almost any programme to run, except high-end graphics-intensive apps and gaming functions.

Overall this is a very impressive premium product. Its sleek looks stand out and the combination of material and build quality make the Asus ZenBook 3 deluxe instantly recognisable and eminently durable.

I expect a long life from the device.

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