The German group called AVM have long made high-end routers for ADSL and Fibre and have released the latest in their line of Fritzbox model the fibre focused Fritzbox 4040.

As internet speeds increase, the need for a reliable, fast, and flexible router increases. The Fritzbox 4040 is all those things and more. Steven Ambrose connects and checks out the features of the Fritzbox 4040.

The Fritzbox 404 looks just like all the other Fritzbox devices. A slim red streamlined case with silver fins sets it apart from the drab grey, black or insect looking boxes that most routers feature. There are two top buttons for controlling Wi-Fi as well as a row of indicators for power, internet connectivity and LAN connections.


The rear features four Gigabit LAN ports and a Gigabit WAN port for connectivity to fibre or other internet sources such as an existing network or a 3G/4G adaptor.

Two USB ports are also offered one on the rear and one on the side. The rear is a USB3 port for high-speed connections to external drives.

The Fritzbox 4040 offers dual band Wi-Fi both of which can be used simultaneously, 2.4 GHz 802.11n and 5 GHz 802.11ac offer a theoretical 866 Mbps throughput if your devices support this new ac standard. Actual speeds are limited by your internet connection and your distance from the router. All I can say is that speed is never an issue.

A full suite of security is offered with MAC filtering and stateful packet inspection firewall, which is well setup by default, you can adjust these setting via the Fritz!OS user interface.


One standout feature is the interface called Fritz!OS. This interface is clean, simple, and very easy to use, from the moment of switch on you are guided through a simple setup process. Once set up and using the Fritzbox, the Fritz!OS is one of the best router interfaces I have used. It offers a simple summary screen which shows all relevant information.

The range of settings allows expert users to setup the router for unusual installations or more particular setups. The novice user is well-catered for with standard setting highly optimised for 99% of use cases.

The Fritzbox 4040 offers a NAS; network attached storage, system. Plug in an external drive, and you can simply share files across the network with all users. The NAS is fast and simple to use and will pop up as a drive in windows or on a MAC with no additional settings for the user.

Another feature is a media server. Once again movies, pictures and audio files can be simply shared across all users of your network including your smart TV. Set up is easy and once again all MAC and Windows machines, as well as most recent smart TV’s will find the media server and allow you to stream your content.


The Fritzbox 4040 is a simple well-executed router that is very well suited to high-speed fibre connections.

Loaded with up to 40 connections all simultaneously accessing the internet or streaming files the Fritzbox 4040 never loses its composure and speeds are always good. The Fritzbox 4040 is a cost effective, easy to use, and most importantly very reliable router that will make home and small office networking faster and much more reliable.

The days of rebooting the router and bad WIFI connectivity are over.

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