PROFILE | KR (Kele Rammopo) – Brand & Communication Strategist


KR (Kele Rammopo) is a brand and communication strategist who operates on a freelance basis.

KR studied B.A Strategic Corporate Communication at the University of Johannesburg; she landed her first job in the marketing industry as a brand and business assistant at a small enterprise called BMC. Her responsibilities included looking after the online magazine brand by working hand in hand with the writing, creative and web developers to create a website. Furthermore she was responsible for the social media content creation, posting and measuring, as well as enhancing viewership of the online publication.

She then moved into strategy and joined the team at The Strategy Department as an intern for 6 months, following completion of her internship KR was offered a permanent junior strategy position. During her time at The Strategy Department, KR worked on different brands in various industries; from confectionery to hearing aids and beverages. She also worked hand in hand with other advertising agencies on strategies for their clients on a white labeling basis.

KR wrote articles for The Strategy Department and had one of her articles gain recognition from Kantar UK, MrP and Huisgenoot, furthermore she wrote for Brands and Branding 22nd edition.  After 2 years of being at The Strategy Department, the agency concluded its existence and KR began a quest to operate on her own as a freelance strategist.

KR is currently a member of the Hlumani Trust, a brainchild of Ebony + Ivory. Her competencies include; Brand and Communication Strategies, Research, analysis and reporting, consumer research, brand climate checks and article writing.



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