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The role of research in a rebranding process

KIA Corporation claimed a Guinness World Record in early 2021, and it had nothing to do with cars. The 303 drones used to etch the carmaker’s new logo (a movement from the classic red logo in a circle to a clean, crisp, and progressive monochrome logo) in Seoul’s night sky were loaded with fireworks. Once ignited, the drones made KIA the unlikely holder of the record for the ‘most unmanned aerial vehicles launching fireworks simultaneously’.

Reputation Crisis! | How to turn your misfortune into opportunity

Sometimes things do go wrong - this is a reality of business and life. How one responds to an issue or how one resolves an embarrassment, determines how your business and personal reputation is scarred or strengthened in a time of crisis.

BusinessBrief October/November 2020 edition is now available!

Read our exclusive cover story titled REPUTATION CRISIS! | HOW TO TURN YOUR MISFORTUNE INTO OPPORTUNITY by Willem S Eksteen, Chief Executive, Stone, as well a host of other topical management articles written by professionals, consultants and academics in the October/November 2020 edition of BusinessBrief.

Strategies that keep consumers coming back for more

The retail sector is under increasing pressure as consumers have shrinking disposable income in a strained economy. Maintaining share of wallet is critical. Relying solely on a push route to market strategy from manufacturers into retailers is not enough to get consumers buying products.

The B2B of LinkedIn

South Africa has 6,1 million people using LinkedIn, with 72% of brands relying on it as a marketing tool. This is very relevant in the B2B space, because you could be missing out if you’re not already using LinkedIn for business.

Is your brand nutrient rich?

We’ve all heard it before: Never skip breakfast! From the nutrition experts to our colleagues over morning coffee, we hear that we need to Get it All this morning so that we can Have It All today.

The Plug Creative Agency

The Plug is not any typical creative agency, we are made up of a number of creative individuals that offer different skillsets. We’re not just a few creatives but we are a collective of them. We are the Plug that connects you to the youngest and freshest creatives within the Joburg space as well as around Mzansi. Our sole purpose is to create beautiful artwork and campaigns that we are proud of and certainly keep our clients coming back for more of our services.

PROFILE | KR (Kele Rammopo) – Brand & Communication Strategist

ENTERPRISE PROFILE | KR (Kele Rammopo) is a brand and communication strategist who operates on a freelance basis. KR is currently a member of the Hlumani Trust, a brainchild of Ebony + Ivory. Her competencies include; Brand and Communication Strategies, Research, analysis and reporting, consumer research, brand climate checks and article writing.


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