The Plug Creative Agency


The Plug is not any typical creative agency, we are made up of a number of creative individuals that offer different skillsets.

We’re not just a few creatives but we are a collective of them. We are the Plug that connects you to the youngest and freshest creatives within the Joburg space as well as around Mzansi. Our sole purpose is to create beautiful artwork and campaigns that we are proud of and certainly keep our clients coming back for more of our services.

Not all brand related problems can be solved creatively but we tend to try and find the fun factor in almost everything we do and it’s pretty simple and basic

“We love what we do and we do it cause we love it. No other way!”

One of our biggest advantage is the mere fact that our dynamic collective means that we represent different views of South Africa as we all come from different backgrounds and experiences not to mention that this also enables us to tap into a wider pool of creative skillsets and execution techniques.

To answer the big question…

Why the Plug??

…Well it’s simple, our services vary from brand to brand and client to client we always try to provide the best form of work within our abilities while having FUN, we just love to connect with work itself so that the final execution can connect with the intended recipients.

The Plug Agency can be reached on:


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