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Combatting identity theft, hacking, intellectual property theft, counterfeiting, fraud, espionage and harassment is critical in todays times.

The Digital Age has shrunk our world, bringing unimagined access and speed to 3 billion people but this advancement has also amplified new risks of criminal activity that are difficult to combat and trace.

By 2019, Cybercrime costs are projected to reach $2 trillion. The approach of fortressing institutional systems at escalating cost is not sustainable as the only solution. New approaches and lines of defence are necessary and needed.

One of the challenges many countries face is the high levels of qualification fraud in which individuals claim to have qualifications and skills they do not possess.  This is a matter of extreme concern as genuine professionals and their professional bodies are being undermined and the public is put at risk.


The PrivySeal Digital Accreditation is designed to effectively combat this problem with a service which confirms that a person has the credentials they claim to have by linking their professional accreditation to their verified contact details.

PrivySeal protects genuine qualifications by helping qualification providers, qualification holders and their clients to see in real-time, at a glance, whether any qualification is still valid.

PrivySeal does this by constantly checking the qualification status of the holder and only showing the requisite digital seal and certificate if the qualification and any associated compliance requirements remain valid. In so doing, PrivySeal makes it far harder for bogus or less qualified individuals to pass themselves off as qualified professionals.

How it works?

The patented PrivySeal process requires users to validate their email and mobile numbers and then checks different qualification databases, using these and other verified data points, to determine whether a person or institution has any qualifications, licenses, or other verified credentials.  Once the applicant has been identified as a potential qualification holder, the data sources are also checked to determine whether they are in “good standing” and if so, a Privyseal is issued.

When clicked on, the Privyseal opens a verification certificate that displays the latest contact information enabling clients to contact them. This encourages members to always keep their contact details current which ensures the data integrity for the particular professional body, statutory regulators, universities, schools, government and other qualification authorities.

PrivySeal assists members, registrants, alumni and learners to prove and showcase their qualifications so as to build trust and distinguish themselves from others who claim qualifications they do not have.


PrivySeal has developed a suite of complimentary products including Digital Signatures and a Document Validation Briefcase which work in tandem with the core PrivySeal Digital Accreditation.

PrivySeal Digital Signatures evidence the signatory’s legal capacity, authority, role, qualifications or any other information that may be required. The full signature trail is stored within the signature block, providing a fully auditable record of events.

PrivySeal Briefcase has the potential to replace ineffective paper based methods in the corporate sector. The PrivySeal Briefcase allows Privyseal holders to: digitally sign documents with their PrivySeal Digital Signature, prove their authorship of validated documents in their professional capacity and securely share validated documents with appropriate third parties without risk of there being changed or otherwise manipulated, reducing fraud.

PrivySeal’s clients include the South African Qualifications Authority, the Estate Agency Affairs Board, The Law Society of the Northern Provinces, The Law Society of the Free State, the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa, and Nedbank Limited.

If you’re interested in exploring what PrivySeal can do for your business.

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  1. Hi, I did register with guys in order to access my SACPCMP CSHO registration certificate, but when I sent Privyseal account back SACPCMP. They it doesn’t login through.
    What must I do?



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