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Navigating FICA compliance for the retail industry

The South African retail industry operates in a complex and challenging environment. Economic uncertainty, rising costs, and unpredictable consumer demands have created conditions in which retailers must constantly adapt to survive.

For insurers, beating fraud doesn’t have to cost customers

In the past three years, we’ve seen consumers demanding unprecedented levels of online experiences across most industries. Unfortunately, the bad guys go where the money is. As online activity booms, we’ve seen the number of suspected digital fraud attempts in the financial services sector increase by 30% between 2019 and 2022.

Protecting your identity online

When engaging in online activities, one cannot ignore the inherent risks involved. Whether you’re accessing information, interacting with a company or buying a product or service, your data is being stored and then possibly shared with others.

The urgent need for CISOs and boards to prioritise ITAD security

We are calling upon CISOs and boards of directors to recognise and take immediate action against the security risks associated with IT asset disposition (ITAD). As a crucial aspect of data governance, the responsible management of IT assets at the end of their lifecycle is essential to ensure compliance and safeguard sensitive information.

Ways to fight holiday shopping fraud in 2021

Welcome to the holiday shopping season for 2021, the second impacted by the pandemic. Supply chain issues aren’t the only things that can ruin your holidays this year. Global Supply chain issues and scenes of countless ships waiting to unload their global cargo have certainly reminded us all of how interconnected we are around the globe.

Cybersecurity – crafting a back to basics layered approach

Cybercrime has risen exponentially since the start of the global pandemic. While no security is full proof, crafting a security posture with multiple layers, built on the basic tenets of cybersecurity is certainly a good start. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber attacks have been on the increase on a global scale, inflicting financial losses across all sectors including manufacturing, banking, and energy, to name a few.

Combating fraud in the digital world with the support of AI

Traditionally, cybersecurity entailed a reactive approach where organisations used learnings from previous compromises to improve their defences. With technology evolving and people embracing the likes of mobile wallets, banking apps, and other solutions to manage transactions, businesses must rethink how best to bolster anti-fraud mechanisms. The answer lies in artificial intelligence (AI).

Be aware! Here are some of the common investment scams

Investment and financial fraud is on the rise across the world. Each day thousands of people are conned out of their hard-earned money by scams that have increasingly become sophisticated. There are dozens of ways scammers use to gain access to people’s accounts, often masquerading as being from financial institutions.

Experian – massive personal information data breach!

Experian - a consumer, business and credit information services agency – has experienced a breach of data which has exposed some personal information of as many as 24 million South Africans and 793,749 business entities to a suspected fraudster.

Fraud management during a pandemic

Being nimble and awake to the rapid changes occurring to bank fraud will be essential. History tells us that things like natural disasters, times of economic instability, and fears of recession or unemployment provide the perfect environment for increased fraud and financial crime.


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