The art of presenting needs a serious shake-up. Presenters are constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas to get their message across, but mistakenly believe PowerPoint is the right medium to do so. This often results in uninspiring presentations consisting of countless lackluster slides which their audience are forced to sit through – sometimes at the expense of their own sanity.

In How to Make Your Point Without PowerPoint, renowned public speaker Douglas Kruger aims to end the tedium of the PowerPoint medium. He offers 50 practical suggestions to enhance your presentation skills – including the kinds of formats you can use, different methods of delivery and some alternative visuals – so you and your team can trade in the slides and get brainstorming. This book proves that it is possible to do an excellent job, even a superior one, without slides, by learning to truly engage and persuade. In this way, you will stand out every time and, as the presenter, have an entertaining time of it!

Douglas Kruger is a business consultant, author and full-time professional speaker. He is the only person in Africa to have won the Southern African Championships for Public Speaking a record five times. He earns his living delivering presentations to audiences in South Africa and around the world. Douglas has published two previous books with Penguin Random House: Own Your Industry – How to Position Yourself as an Expert (2014) and Relentlessly Relevant – 50 Ways to Innovate (2015).

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by Douglas Kruger

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