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Is our ICT ready for self-driving vehicles?

One of the biggest challenges facing mass roll out of these vehicles is the development of adequate legislation. As with all new things, this type of legislation has not been seen before and we are essentially starting from scratch.

The cost of human error in the workplace

The year-long listeriosis outbreak in 2018, the Boeing 737 crashes in 2018 and 2019, and the collapse of the M1 Grayston Bridge in October 2015 are but a few out of many instances linked to some form of human error in business, frequently with long-term consequences.

Driving consumer behaviour by addressing the entire supply chain

Changing consumer behaviour and creating loyalty throughout the supply chain are areas every FMCG manufacturer is trying to achieve. However, these are the last links and typically the most difficult elements to manipulate. This is due to challenges around validating sales – you can only reward loyalty if you can verify the purchase. 

Economic consequences of Black Friday and understanding consumer behaviour

The Black Friday sales frenzy can trigger our deepest emotional and cognitive responses and can lead us down a path of unnecessary spending. However, consumers can use insights from behavioural economics to empower them to make decisions that align with their individual financial goals.

In-store radio and audio solutions hit the right note

The impact of music on consumer behaviour is well-known with research showing that consumers shop for longer, spend more money and have an enhanced shopping experience if they’re exposed to music. Many local and international retail and restaurant brands are implementing bespoke in-store music and audio solutions to create a more fun, welcoming and brand-specific experience. There are reasons why in-store music makes sense.
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