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Combating fraud in the digital world with the support of AI

Traditionally, cybersecurity entailed a reactive approach where organisations used learnings from previous compromises to improve their defences. With technology evolving and people embracing the likes of mobile wallets, banking apps, and other solutions to manage transactions, businesses must rethink how best to bolster anti-fraud mechanisms. The answer lies in artificial intelligence (AI).

The challenge of martech and automation

Marketing technology (martech) is growing in popularity, and there is no shortage of statistics to support the benefits that technology can bring to the marketing arena. However, while many software offerings and tools tout to help marketing teams achieve their goals and objectives, they can also add to the complexity of the day-to-day.

An omnichannel strategy is key for retailers to boost sales

As consumer behaviour continues to change due to the impact the global COVID-19 pandemic has had both on business and individuals – retailers are increasingly having to position themselves to provide omnichannel services that can meet these evolving digital consumer expectations.

Modern customer engagement – keeping up with Gen Y and Z

The term ‘customer engagement’ is arguably one of the biggest buzzwords in today’s business landscape. It's so widely used that when many people hear the phrase, they interpret it as a checkbox item. It is, however, an ongoing crucial relationship between a company and its customers, which is determined by the customer’s preferences and behaviour.

It’s adapt or die for education as technology forges ahead

Higher education institutions have long been considered to be the repositories of knowledge and learning and the structures through which knowledge is produced and disseminated. They have survived sweeping societal changes created by technology – the moveable-type printing press, previous industrial revolutions, information and communication technologies, electronic media and computers.

‘The Lipstick Effect’ & other consumer trend drivers

Whilst listening to a recent presentation by Absa's equity analyst Samantha Naicker titled 'Navigating the Maze' on South African Food Producers, I stumbled on a theory dubbed 'The Lipstick Effect'.

REPORT | Supply chain visibility and personalisation key drivers of growth

Chief executives at leading grocery retailer and consumer goods companies see supply chain visibility and personalisation as key drivers of growth, according to a new joint research paper we released together with PwC. The report interviewed 16 leaders from the consumer goods industry and identified what they envisioned for the future.

Why you need social commerce

Shopping has always been a social activity. Just two years ago, you would find people discussing the good and bad about their recent purchases over coffee. Today, e-commerce finds people shopping from the comfort of their home, and social commerce means they’re still shopping while being social on their preferred platforms such as Instagram Checkout or Facebook Shops.

Consumer behaviour post COVID-19 – new types of consumers

The truth is we are not returning to normal as we knew it before COVID-19, and many South African consumers are grappling with a range of emotions as they consider what the future will look like. Early on in the pandemic, there was a belief that not much will happen to drastically affect consumer behaviour.

The dawn of a new age of advertising

Consumer behaviour is ever-changing, but several changes we’ve recently seen have and will alter the way brands do business and approach advertising. For one, consumers now have very high expectations for brands, especially when it comes to social, environmental and political issues.


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