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The dawn of a new age of advertising

Consumer behaviour is ever-changing, but several changes we’ve recently seen have and will alter the way brands do business and approach advertising. For one, consumers now have very high expectations for brands, especially when it comes to social, environmental and political issues.

How the whiskey market has changed during COVID-19 times

Brands in all sectors of the economy have come through COVID-19 with varying degrees of success. The liquor industry was of course hard hit, but through it we (as a brand) have learned a lot about consumer behaviour. In fact, the purchase-behaviour spinoffs we’ve seen as a direct result of COVID-19 restrictions have been very interesting.

Voice or void: how to be heard through changing business voice...

Most people’s first association with voice recognition technology is Siri, Apple’s now-ubiquitous personal assistant. 10 years on though, the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning initiatives suggest that voice integration has a bright future ahead.

SpaceMatch: Matching Spaces to Ideas

SpaceMatch, an online platform that allows landlords with available space to list their properties and prospective tenants to view and secure those spaces for rental, is shaking up the traditional retail rental market. The platform – www.spacematch.co.za – already has more than 200 spaces loaded, together offering an impressive 37,148m² of prime retail space.

Unleashing the power of machine learning in digital marketing

Over the past five years, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in marketing have come a long way. Yet many marketers who are using today’s programmatic and social platforms to reach their audience are not exploiting the full power of the algorithms these platforms can offer or the vast amounts of consumer data they collect.

Learning the lessons of a year of COVID-19

A year ago, reality started sinking in that the new coronavirus from Wuhan would not be contained to China. No fewer than 25 countries had confirmed cases, and the first deaths outside China were being reported. On 11 February 2020, the disease caused by the new coronavirus was named COVID-19.

Will inflation end the bull market?

Major central banks have combined with structural trends (slowing developed market population growth, globalisation, and technological innovation) to almost eradicate developed market inflation volatility over the past 50 years or so.

2021 trends for business, consumers and society

As the COVID-19 crisis redefines how economies and society as a whole function, human ingenuity has sparked a wave of innovation set to be the blueprint for the decades to come. According to the 2021 Trends, organisations will have the opportunity to map out new territory as they embrace new strategies, services and experiences to meet evolving human needs.

2021 outlook for global and thematic equities

Global equities can continue to perform well in 2021, but tech may have to share the limelight with some unloved areas. Meanwhile, a number of mega-trends will continue to gather pace. Global equities are by no means cheap, but they are reasonably valued.

Big franchise brands are not better during the COVID-19 pandemic

The weaknesses inherent in franchised businesses and the health of relationships between franchisor and franchisees are being revealed as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds. Excessive reliance on retail infrastructure, insufficient investment in digitisation and poor delivery capability is severely impacting franchised networks. 


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