BOOK REVIEW | The ADI Model: What am I thinking?


By Tshepho Langa

The book is about inspiring intentional mind-set change towards achievement, and therefore, a meaningful success and contribution to others.

The ADI model

The objective of the book is for the reader to question their thinking, with intention and then to propel change. It shows that one can intentionally use his/her thoughts to achieve life goals.

The book is written from the author’s personal experiences and then undergirded by the psychological element; the Reticular Activating System. The ADI model is presented towards the end of the book as a summary of all chapters in the book.

The book offers personal development, courage and inspiration. The reader also gets assurance from the author regarding the success of the ADI model. The book was reviewed and endorsed by trusted and experienced individuals. The official endorsement for the book was done by Prof John Tibane and Prof W Nkuhlu.

About the author

Tshepho Langa (MBA, USB) is a South African Personal Development Coach, Leadership Consultant, Academic, Speaker, Business owner and a former Bank leader.

Because of his background, he oozes with experience that is brilliantly expressed in the book. His concise writing style allows simple illustrations to depict complex mind concepts. Due to the author’s depth of thought, the reader is likely to read the book more than once.
The reader will earn and learn from this book.

  • PUBLISHER | Tshepho Langa Holdings |
  • ISBN | 978-1-99057-92-5 |
  • Recommended Retail Price | R250.00 (Delivery included) | 
  • Classification | Personal Development |



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