BOOK REVIEW | Determination: The Autobiography


By Jamie Marais

Widely known for his extreme off-the-beaten-track adventures, ultra-endurance athlete Jamie Marais has launched his first book, Determination: The Autobiography.

It’s based on a series of solo ultra-endurance challenges, each of which takes place in a dangerous setting with intensely challenging physical objectives and natural threats including unpredictable weather, high altitude, steep mountain passes and dangerous wildlife.

From a substance-abusing teenager to an ultra-endurance athlete

Determination tells the story of his own personal transformation from a substance-abusing teenager to an ultra-endurance athlete and the defining moments that have shaped his life.

I have personally experienced hope and determination as well as the life-changing power of sport throughout my own life.

In August 2016, Jamie made history by becoming the first and only known person to speed-summit Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain twenty-two times in twenty-eight hours over two days.

Climbing more than sixteen thousand vertical meters – almost twice the height of Everest – his mission was to raise support for the Sabrina Foundation who care for children with special needs and to inspire people to realise that nothing we are facing is too big to overcome.

In Jamie’s own words, ‘he’s an all or nothing person’. He recently became the first person to ride a mountain bike for thirty six hours in a big five game reserve for rhino conservation climbing over nine thousand meters in an effort to raise awareness and funds for the anti-poaching unit at Kariega Private Game Reserve.

Behind the scenes of his extreme endurance

Determination chronicles his experiences from an ongoing series of solo extreme-endurance challenges across various sporting disciplines including vertical running, extreme mountain biking and stand up paddling, each of which take place in a dangerous setting in untamed Africa.

Jamie’s autobiography takes you behind the scenes of his extreme endurance feats and into the mind of an athlete who has achieved what is often considered to be humanly impossible. Jamie also shares the secrets of accessing superhuman strength and how this can be applied to achieve success in sport, business and everyday life.

“Stress and depression are among the leading causes of death, but exercise is one of the simplest and most effective cures there is. Exercise can literally save your life.”

The author believes the body follows where the mind leads and inspires people to believe in themselves and face the giants in their lives. What we need however, is to break free from the limitations of small minded-thinking and realise that we are capable of doing so much more than we realise, think or believe.

Anyone can access superhuman strength, but not everyone is willing to drive themselves to the limit and push through the pain and suffering that accompanies it.

The book covers four distinct phases and defining moments in Marais’ life.  It was written between daily training sessions, world record attempts, a high-flying corporate career, being a father and husband.

About the author

Jamie Marais is a South African adventure athlete, author and speaker. He  made history in August 2016 by ascending more than 16,000 metres as he summited Cape Town’s Table Mountain 22 times in 28 hours over two days.

Jamie believes that exercise can literally save your life and the body follows where the mind leads. Jamie inspires people to believe in themselves and face the giants in their lives through motivational talks about the life-changing power of sport and the secrets of accessing superhuman strength.

As a teenager, Jamie overcame his own giant of substance abuse and believes that sport and hard training changed his life and gave him a reason for living, as told in his autobiography Determination.

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