BOOK REVIEW | Africa’s Wellbeing in an Uncertain World


Searching for solutions

By Vusi Gumede

The world remains uncertain. Africa is fragile. Many issues remain unresolved and the African, and global, situation is worsening.

South Africa has been at the crossroads for long enough. There can be no more delays, the time has come to address the many critical issues.

Finding solutions

In Africa’s Wellbeing in an Uncertain World, Vusi Gumede discusses these critical issues about Africa, with specific focus on South Africa.

The author has revisited opinion articles and blogs he has been writing since the mid-2000s and taken his ideas and arguments, together with his deliberations on the recent changes globally and in Africa, and presented them in this thought-provoking book.

While taking into account what others have said about similar issues, this is an attempt to get us to talk about these challenges, the important issues and fundamental problems, with a view to finding solutions.

The future of the African continent could be bright if all the efforts that are being pursued for the improved wellbeing of Africans succeed. But, as Vusi Gumede reflects in this book, if South Africa is to achieve the society envisaged in the Constitution, then all South Africans, whatever the colour of their skin, have an important role to play.

This is an important work, not to be ignored.”

– Ndumiso Ngcobo

About the author

Vusi Gumede, Professor and Dean of Economics, Development and Business Sciences at the University of Mpumalanga, has been analysing various critical issues about South Africa, the broader African continent and the world, and for about 20 years he has published numerous journal papers and books, as well as opinion articles and blogs, based on his research and academic publications.

Since becoming an academic in 2010, he has lectured economics, African political economy and policy studies at various universities in South Africa and is affiliated with numerous institutions in various positions.

His postgraduate qualifications are in Economics and Policy Studies, including a PhD in economics completed in 2003 at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

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