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Re-imagining our world & conquering uncertainty

By John Sanei and Iraj Abedian

The future has arrived early. And it is challenging each of us to ask, and answer, the defining questions of our time:

  • How will our post-pandemic society move forward?
  • Will we ever return to the world we once knew?
  • Are we witnessing the development of a new socio-economic system?

Forging a new way forward

Shaped by the dynamic approach of futures-strategist John Sanei and the profound economic thinking of Dr Iraj Abedian, FutureNext equips readers with the mindset and tools needed to forge a new way forward – a way of confidence and peace of mind.

The book explores our evolving responsibilities as consumers, employees, employers, entrepreneurs and executives tasked with re-imagining our world.

In so doing, it provides a path to create prosperous societies that are more harmonious, systematically fair and sustainable than anything we’ve known.

About the authors

John Sanei comes alive at the intersection of human psychology and futurism. He uses his unique perspective to discover elegant ways for his global audience to build the clarity and courage needed to approach the future with confidence.

John is Africa’s first Singularity University faculty member, lecturer at Duke Corporate Education and an Associate Partner at the Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies – the only person to hold these three positions.

His ability to combine his fascination with the impact of emerging technology on society with a clear understanding of the way memories and stories influence our reality has seen him share the stage with world-renowned thought-leaders such as Yuval Harari, Nassim Taleb and Robin Sharma.

Iraj Abedian is actively involved in national and global public policy issues of the day. A professor of economics at UCT for more than 18 years, he was an advisor to the South African government during the foundation years of South Africa’s democratic dispensation (1994-2002), contributing his economic perspective to the drafting of the constitution.

He spent time at the IMF in Washington in 1999, was the Chief Economist of the Standard Bank Group (2000-2004), and served on the boards of the Development Bank of Southern Africa, Transnet, SA Tourism and a number of listed companies.

Throughout his career, he’s advised and guided several of the country’s Ministries of Finance, Energy, Mineral Resources and Public Works.

  • Publisher | Burnet Media |
  • ISBN | 9781990956065 |
  • Recommended Retail Price | R285.00 |
  • CLASSIFICATION | Forecasting, Personal Development |


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