Practical tax tips on how to use the SARS online portal to change bank details


Juanita van der Merwe | Tax Compliance Manager | AJM Taxmail me |

In the attached video I have provided practical, easy-to-understand guidance on how to harness the SARS online portal to make key changes to your details.

In this video I have focused on changing banking details, often seen as a major headache for taxpayers. As you will see – nothing could be further from the truth!

Due to the fact many people remain at home, or will spend more time at home even as the lockdown eases, these tools are proving extremely useful for taxpayers during COVID-19 and beyond.



  1. Hi Juanita

    Thank you so much for the videos posted recently, very helpful indeed.

    I am however encountering a problem with the following error when changing banking details and SARS consultant are not helpful.

    I get the error which says

    “You may only have one representative for each of the following capacities

    -Public Officer
    -Accounting Officer

    Please delete the incorrect representative before attempting to file”

    I tried to fix the error under my representative tab but with no success.

    Under my representative tab there are two names, but same names, one ticked and the other not ticked.



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