BOOK REVIEW | You Are A Business: Treat Yourself Like One!


By Njabulo James Nkosi

Don’t be a victim, disrupt yourself and raise your standards. The only thing that will change your life, is to raise the standard of the identity you have for yourself. Treating yourself as a business that you own, and control is the highest form of transformation.

A business is a system of adding massive values to others through service and solutions to problems. There are essentials that make a business successful that can be applied to our personal lives.

Essentials of a successful business

The book aims to distill the essentials of a successful business in layman’s terms to be applied by employees, the self-employed, investors and business owners alike.

The essentials were gleaned from business consulting, project management, research of failed and successful business endeavours, seminars, over 100 books and conversations with the entrepreneurial astute across multiple industries.

The following structured insights provide direction to implement paradigms for personal transformations:

  • Understand the Importance of Enterprise: The Business Case for Business Thinking (O.W.N.E.R.S. Model).
  • Create a Personal Business Map: The Business Model Canvas.
  • Own and Control Your Finances: The Personal Financial Statements.
  • Use the Power of Branding and Marketing: The Branding and Marketing Imperative (S.A.V.E.R. Model).
  • Build Yourself for Generations: The Legacy Business (I.N.H.E.R.I.T.A.N.C.E. Model).

Entrepreneurs and business thinking are the only things that will change the world for the better. The rich and poor, employees and self-employed, small and big business owners can transform themselves and change their future by raising their standards and disrupting themselves.

Treating yourself as your own business will lead to greater personal strength and vision to build a better future.

It’s time we become businesses; It’s time we become jobs. Njabulo has started moving this conversation forward in this book.

– Lloyd George Mugabe – Entrepreneur and Three Time Southern African Champion of Public Speaking

Njabulo shares his incredible perspective on how regarding our lives as businesses will propel our success on a new level.

– Mutali Nemadzivhanani – NLP Life Coach, Speaker, Storyteller

About the author

Njabulo James Nkosi is a project management professional, certified life coach, speaker and Distinguished Toastmaster. He is the author of two books.

The first one is Inspired Success: The Five Keys To Reach Greater Heights of Achievement which was launched in 2017. His second and latest book is You Are A Business: Treat Yourself Like One! The Five Business Essentials For Personal Transformation and Building a Better Future which was launched in December 2019.

He is launching a podcast titled ‘The NJ Podcast’ which aims to share inspiration through lessons and conversations with people about reaching true success.

His favourite tagline is ‘Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal.’ He was born and raised in Benoni and graduated from Rhodes University. He is passionate about growth and development for himself and others.

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