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Amazon first introduced the Kindle around ten years ago and reading books fundamentally changed forever.

There have been any number of competitive e-readers in that time. Many e-readers have come and gone, yet the Amazon Kindle just goes on and on and is getting better with every release. The latest Kindle Paperwhite 2019 is by far the best Kindle yet. The question to ask is, do you need one? Considering all the other smart options like tablets and phones. Moreover, do you update if you have an older Kindle?

The hype has calmed, for the most part. Real paper books are not going away. After the introduction of e-readers, many predicted the death of the book. The critical attribute to reading books or anything electronically was ease of use, a vast library available, compact size, and no less important the books delivered electronically are cheaper and arguably kinder to the environment.

Based on the above attributes, there was no doubt that this was the future of reading. For many reasons, no less the nostalgia of turning actual pages, books, real paper books, have not gone away. By the same token neither has the Kindle and Amazon continue to improve on the Kindle with every iteration.

The other key contributor to the success of the Amazon Kindle must be the massive catalogue of books available.

The hardware

The All-new Kindle Paperwhite has some key innovations compared to its older brethren. The version of the Kindle Paperwhite I reviewed was the ad-free 8GB model. 8GB might sound very little, but it is enough for a few hundred books. If you download audio books that could eat up substantial space. I mostly only read on my kindle and find the 8 Gb version to be more than sufficient.

The screen is a 6” paperwhite with E Ink Carta, the resolution is 300ppi, and for all practical uses, it is bright clear and very sharp. In general, I have found that reading on this screen is far less tiring than any phone or tablet that I have used, and the brightness is perfectly suitable to read even in bright sunlight outdoors. You can control the intensity for reading in low light. By default, the Kindle PaperWhite will auto adjust for best reading ease.

Overall the screen and its ease of use is key to the Kindle and makes reading in many ways as easy as reading paper, except you can read in the dark which is not possible with a real book. The screen is glare-free and does not reflect like a shiny smart device screen. For those of you worried about blue light, there is virtually none with the Kindle.

One neat little trick is called page press, which allows you to turn pages just by pressing on the screen, without lifting your finger. I found the screen to be the most responsive from a Kindle yet. It was easy to go back and forward or to swipe up to get to a fast navigation setting and tap to get the main menu.

Overall ease of use and navigation was smooth after a short learning curve to unlearn the smartphone and tablet way of working. My wife’s biggest joy and the benefit of a real book is a lazy bath with a good book. Well, the new Kindle Paperwhite has that covered as it is now fully waterproof.

The new Kindle Paperwhite is the lightest Kindle yet, and this makes reading a cinch. The Kindle is well balanced, and the size is perfect for those rainy days reading marathons. I found it to be much more comfortable than any tablet of phone I have used in the past.

The next killer feature is battery life. Depending on your usage you should get four to six weeks of use before charging. I have not charged the Kindle since I got it and it still has 43% battery after three weeks of constant use.


I had forgotten how easy the Amazon Kindle makes reading until the new Kindle Paperwhite arrived. Connect to Wi-Fi and logging in with my Amazon user name and password immediately brought up my library. It was the actual reading that hooked me back onto a Kindle.

The screen is impressive, as good as paper and better in poor light. The weight of the new 2019 Kindle Paperwhite is perfect for long reading sessions, and the smooth, featureless front is a pleasure to use. The new Kindle Paperwhite is an ideal reader for those that love to read books. The battery lasts weeks, the library is legendary, and overall, I don’t think I could go back to reading on a tablet.

If you love reading and travel as I do, then a library at your fingertips along with the ability to connect to the Kindle store and browse and buy any book you want changes the game. Paper books have their magic but it’s hard to beat the new Kindle Paperwhite for ease of use and convenience. A bonus is no distractions while reading with notifications from all your social media friends popping up to ruin the moment.

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