BOOK REVIEW | Ageing Wealth – An Unequal Problem


by John Kinsley | Legal and financial planner specialising in retirement forecasting |

In a postindustrial society like the United States, the values of services of innovation and information have dramatically increased while the number of manufacturing workers needed to produce goods have greatly reduced due to sharply higher labour productivity. Today, even many developing nations such as China, are also losing manufacturing jobs due to rising productivity from improving technology, a better educated labour force, and the widespread use of robots. Chen Zhao, Brandywine Global, Around the Curve Research, December 2016 

John Kinsley has written a book that presents two macro-economic challenges facing the world today.

There are two broad economic challenges facing economies around the world today: the one is ageing demographics (particularly in established economies) and the other is inequality.

These two challenges may initially appear unrelated, but this book will argue that as much of the existing wealth resides in older generational groupings, the prevailing inequality may only get worse before it gets any better.

The differences between the ‘developed world’ and the ‘new developing world’ in the face of these challenges will also be explored, as well as what this means for South Africa today.

About the author

John Kinsley has spent more than 30 years in the financial services industry in South Africa.

He initially qualified with commerce and legal degrees with the intention of practising as an Advocate. However, having been exposed to investment-type products as a legal advisor within a major financial institution, he began to use his legal and tax knowledge in the development of innovative investment products. These products ultimately revolutionised the local financial planning industry.

Over time he became increasingly involved in the investment side of the industry, spending the last 15 years of his career as head of the retail business for one of South Africa’s leading investment managers.

John has spoken regularly on many public platforms, addressing financial advisers on a wide range of issues, including the structuring of appropriate investment portfolios and successful retirement planning.

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  • ISBN | 978-0-620-79802-0 |
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  • CLASSIFICATION | Business/Investments |

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