The Netogy WIT300 is a Wi-Fi cordless IP phone that easily connects to your existing Wi-Fi network and enables VoIP calls over SIP.

As Fibre and other high-speed networks become more prevalent, losing the copper telephone connection starts making more sense. The Netogy IT300 is a simple easy to use solution for connecting to an internet-based phone line. Steven Ambrose logs on and tries the WIT300 in order to replace his landline with an internet-based number.

The Hardware

The Netogy WIT300 is a simple looking cordless phone that everyone would recognise. It offers a standard keyboard along with a large colour screen and a handy stand which doubles as a charging stand.

Nothing stands out compared to the older generation DECT based portable phone we have all been using for years. The main standout feature is that this is a WiFi-based IP phone, you connect the Netogy WIT300 to a Wi-Fi network, install your SIP settings for your number, and away you go.

The charging port of the phone and the charging stand is the now universal micro USB used for mobile telephone charging a charger and a cable is supplied, but any portable phone charger with the correct cable will work.

The colour Screen is decent and more than good enough for setting up and using the phone daily.

Cutting the cord

The smart stuff on the Netogy WIT300 is in the software. The phone features a full IP based phone without the usual Dect base station. The main benefit is that wherever you have Wif-fi, both in the home or in fact anywhere, the Netogy WIT300 will work.

The concept of SIP-based IP telephony has been in use for a long time in company-based phone systems. For the home or small office, it is fast becoming the only way to retain your phone number. The older copper-based phone system is quickly going the way of the old fax machine. As fast and always on internet is becoming standard in many homes and all business it becomes a no-brainer to port your number to the many IP based providers of telephony available.

I wanted to retain my home phone number and wanted not to have any connection to the older copper-based phone network. As fibre is now available in many areas, as well as fixed mobile 4G internet, it made sense to port my number to an IP phone provider.

The process took two days, and I was sent all the necessary information to connect to this IP based phone network. Setting up the Netogy WIT300 was relatively simple. All the required information can be entered on the device itself but using the standard numerical keyboard was tedious.

As an alternative, once the Netogy WIT300 was connected to the Wi-Fi network, it was easy to use the web interface to set up the phone, the process is explained in the manual most of us don’t read.

Once set up the Netogy WIT300 worked exactly like a standard portable phone, calls were received and made in the usual manner. In fact, the Netogy WIT300 is essentially a mobile Wi-Fi only phone.

The befit of a Wi-Fi based phone over a decently based phone which had a base station is that the Netogy WIT300 will work wherever you are and is limited only by the connection to a Wi-Fi network.

A perfect example is if you travel away for the holidays all you need to do is take Netogy WIT300 with you and connect it to the Wi-Fi network at your destination. I used the mobile hotspot on my Cellular phone, and the Netogy WIT300 worked perfectly.


The Netogy WIT300is a smart, handy and straightforward device. It is simple to set up and offers excellent performance on even rather slow mobile 3G connections. The usefulness of having your home or office number available on a portable phone that only needs a Wi-Fi connection to work cannot be overstated.

Finally, ar around R1,395.00 we have a cost effective solution to the challenge of moving home or going on holiday and not worrying about missing an important business or personal call.

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