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Samsung bravely created a new category with the launch of the large-screen Galaxy Note range and have just launched their 10th Galaxy Note. In fact, it’s a pair of Notes both with the iconic S Pen.

The latest Galaxy Note 10 range has more features, more power, and more usability than any Note Samsung has launched to date. Steven Ambrose goes hands-on with the new Notes and confirms the new Galaxy Notes truly are Power Phones.

The hardware

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes in two versions. The Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, with screen sizes of 6.3” and 6.8” respectively.

The Galaxy Note10’s display is Samsung’s best yet. The Galaxy Note10’s edge-to-edge Cinematic Infinity Display is nearly bezel-less, while the in-display cut out for the front camera is small and centred for a balanced design.

The Galaxy Note10 features a Dynamic AMOLED display. With HDR10+ certification and Dynamic Tone Mapping, photos and videos are brighter than previous Note devices. The Eye Comfort display reduces blue light without affecting colour quality for comfortable viewing.

Galaxy Note 10

Some of the features of the Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus are:

The Galaxy Note10 brings a powerful new capability to the re-designed, uni-body S Pen. Now, you can jot down notes, instantly convert their handwriting to digital text in Samsung Notes, and export it to a variety of different formats, including Microsoft Word. You can now customise notes by shrinking, enlarging, or changing the colour of the text. In just a few taps, meeting minutes can be formatted and shared.

The Galaxy Note10 builds on the Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled S Pen capabilities introduced on the Galaxy Note9 by adding Air actions, allowing you to control certain aspects of the device using gestures with the S Pen. By opening up the Air actions SDK, developers can create customised controls that give users the ability to play games or use their favourite applications using gestures.

The Galaxy Note10 extends Samsung DeX’s capabilities, making it easier for users to work between their phone and a PC or Mac. With a simple, compatible USB connection, users can drag and drop files between devices, and use their favourite mobile apps with a mouse and a keyboard, while keeping your data secure on their phone through Samsung Knox.

The Galaxy Note10 integrates Link to Windows directly into the Quick Panel. With one click, you can connect to their Windows 10 PC. There, you can see notifications, send and receive messages, and review recent photos.

The camera

The Galaxy Note10 has Premium Video Technology. The Galaxy Note10 allows the capture pro-grade video without having to carry around any extra gear.

Live focus video adds depth-of-field adjustments so you can blur the background to focus on your subject. Zoom-In Mic amplifies the audio in the frame and pushes background noise aside to help focus on the sounds that you want. And to remove the bumps and shakes that usually make an action shot blurry, new and improved Super steady stabilizes footage, and is now available in Hyperlapse mode for steady time-lapse videos.

Once you have recorded their video, Galaxy Note10 users can edit-on-the-go instantly right from their phone. The video editor can be used with the S Pen, so instead of having to tap to select or edit a clip, users can choose the precise moment they want to trim. For creators who need even more control over their footage, Adobe Rush on the Galaxy Note10 provides a sophisticated suite of editing tools.

Gamers who want to add some personality to their streams, or vloggers who want to enhance their tutorials, the Galaxy Note10 introduces Screen recorder. Easily capture what’s on the screen, use picture-in-picture to add reactions, and use the S Pen to annotate as you record for a more entertaining, engaging video.

The Galaxy Note10 integrates AR and 3D capabilities into the camera. Along with an Ultra-Wide camera, it opens up an entirely new medium for creators. With AR Doodle, using the S Pen to personalize photos with dynamic drawings, effects, and animations that track to the image. And with 3D Scanner, the Galaxy Note10+’s DepthVision camera can take a scan of an object, and instantly turn it into a movable 3D rendering.

Night Mode, now available on the front camera, lets you capture amazing selfies no matter how dim or dark the conditions.

The Note 10’s offer Super-Fast Charging: With just 30 minutes of charge, the Galaxy Note10+ lasts through the day with up to 45W wired charging capability. This size charger is not included in the box unfortunately

Wireless PowerShare has also come to the Note. You can wirelessly recharge other wireless devices.

Galaxy Note 10 Plus

The Galaxy Note10 features the world’s slimmest vapour chamber cooling system, which delivers optimal performance during gameplay while keeping the device slim and sleek.

With the AI-based Game Booster, the Galaxy Note10 optimises performance and power consumption depending on the game. And with the PlayGalaxy Link P2P streaming service, you can pick up where users left off on any PC game and enable them to continue playing on the move with no need for local storage.

The S Pen has been further improved with additional battery life and super-fast charging when plugged into the Galaxy Note. Samsung has added an accelerometer to the S Pen which will enable wand-like functionality. You can now zoom in and out, increase volume and other cool features by waving the S Pen about. The accelerometer functionality API is available to app developers so expect golf apps and may others using the S Pen functionality shortly.

The software

The New Galaxy Note 10’s run the latest version of Android 9 Pie with the newly refreshed One UI.

Samsung has refined the user experience enormously with the new user interface. The One UI offers all the key features of Android in a smooth simple and most importantly easy to use interface. Full use is made of Android 9’s latest features. The combination of these advanced features the Galaxy Note 10’s Memory and hardware system the user experience is extremely fluid and smooth.

Gaming is astonishing, with fast load times and very smooth play. Opening large videos and editing them, a key feature of the new software is very fast and there is no lag or judder in any of the effects when applied. The new built-in video editing software is very powerful and together with the processing ability of the latest Exynos processor, professional-grade videos and pictures are extremely easy to create.

The collaboration with Microsoft and Office 365 is also a key feature of the new software. Once loaded and linked to your Galaxy Note data seamlessly connects to your laptop.  Making calls, on your laptop or desktop viewing files on your Note and general collaboration just works.

Samsung DEX, Samsung’s desktop software running on the Galaxy Note, is now built-in and has also been enhanced with an added feature which is now able to use any Windows or Apple device as a screen mouse and keyboard via a standard USB cable. This allows files and content on the Note to be seamlessly worked on in a desktop type environment and then share seamlessly with the host device.

The focus of getting work done along with the massive capability for creative work and recreation has born fruit. The new Galaxy Note 10’s are extremely capable devices and the software has reached a maturity that makes their use simple and easy.

All the Standard Android apps are available along with several duplicate apps from Samsung which can be ignored if they are not your preferred app.


The New Galaxy Note 10 and in particular, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus are significant devices in the never-ending race to be the best.

The screens are simply the best available on any mobile device. The build quality is as close to perfect as you are going to get. The weight balance and overall usability of the hardware and software are excellent. Processor speed and memory speed along with a smooth well-optimized interface make using the Galaxy Note 10’s a real pleasure.

The choice of sizes was a smart move as Samsung have always traditionally made the largest devices and screens with the Galaxy Note Range. Their research showed that many wanted what the Note range offered but the very large screen sizes limited their usability in some cases. The 6.3” Galaxy Note 10 has all the power and features of its larger 6.8” Brother in a handier compact body.

Samsung has once again pushed the boundaries of what is possible in mobile devices, from the ultra-fast memory to ultra-powerful processors and a new level of integration of the hardware and software allows the Galaxy Note 10 to set the standard.

The new business-friendly functions with Microsoft Office 365 cement the Galaxy Note 10 as a serious business device that can still compete with the best gaming devices as well. The enhanced camera setup and Samsung’s focus on professional-grade video creation and production make the Galaxy Note 10 a solid choice for business and creative use. The S Pen has continued to evolve into a truly useful tool and with the Gyroscope and Bluetooth functionally it is unique.

Samsung also has its entire Smart things platform which integrates seamlessly across all their home devices and many others, all controlled via your mobile device. Samsung also has made Samsung Pay a credible alternative to physical cards, take all this all together the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is an extremely compelling choice as your Power Phone for 2019 and way into 2020.

Available from networks and dealer’s countrywide with a retail price of R18,999.00 to R22,999.00.

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