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Local can be better and CliffCentral South Africa’s first online Radio station has launched a set of Bluetooth wireless earbuds.

In conjunction with a local distributor, CliffCentral thought a great affordable headset would be the perfect complement to their app, which is the primary way to listen to their podcasts and live casts.

Steven Ambrose tried Cliffcentral’s buds out and can confirm they are good.

The Hardware

More and more phones are going headphone jack less with the demise of the ubiquitous 3.5mm headphone jack so the Bluetooth headset market is rapidly evolving. The CliffCentral unWired headset is exactly that, a well-made solid set of Bluetooth in ear headset, with a in line volume controller and microphone.

The Cliffcentral headset is machined from metal with fairly large drivers and an angled earpiece that actually fits quite comfortably in the ear. A set of different size earbuds are supplied along with a carry bag and a micro USB cable for charging. No charger is supplied but any cellphone charger or computer will do

Battery life is good if not stellar with 4 to 6 hours of playback, volume dependent, from one charge. Charging is relatively rapid with 20 minutes of charging giving an hour or two of playback in a pinch.

The actual earpieces are machined from aluminium with a magnetic rear. The buds clip together when not in use and the clipping and unclipping switches them on and off, which is clever. The magnets allow you to hang the headset around your neck when not in use and also preserves battery life for when you need it.

There actually is no other on off switch so if the headset unclips when storing or lying on your desk they will go flat and need recharging. The fast charging came to my rescue on more than one occasion.

The charging port is on the volume control and microphone section on the left side of the cable joining the earbuds. Overall the construction is solid and the cables appear tough enough for extended daily use.

The sound

It is often hard to find a decent sounding pair of Bluetooth in ear headphones. The CliffCentral headset is clear bright and easy to listen to for extended periods.

I did find that out of the box they were tonally bright and tinny with poor low bass. This improved considerably after some use and the sound quality is good considering these are not high end devices.

Volume is sufficient and can be easily adjusted on the headset or via your phone. Setup via the Bluetooth menu on any device was simple and fast. Hold down the Play/Pause button for a few seconds and they will show up as CliffCentral on your device. Once paired all you need to do to connect is unclip the two earpieces from each other and you are good to go.

The Bluetooth range is good out to about 10 meters, after which the sound can break up really quickly. This is sufficient as most people would use them with a phone which is in your pocket or bag most of the time

Phone calls are easy to pick up and the sound quality is decent via the built-in mic. Most people did not realize I was on a set of headphones.


The CliffCentral unWired headphones are a good buy, selling for R550.00 they are solidly built , sound decent, play loud and are light and easy to wear for extended periods.

There are better in ear Bluetooth headphones at far higher prices. The CliffCentral unWired units are very competitive in sound and build quality at a decent price.

These are not sports headphones as they are a little heavy and tend to fall out when running or jumping, for gym or casual walking they were just fine. The selection of earpieces is important if you want to do more than sit on the couch to listen as they affect the bass and the Stability of the fit when moving.

CliffCentral are onto a good thing with their first piece of hardware, as they work well and don’t cost a fortune. If you are in the market for a decent set of wireless Bluetooth headphones the CliffCentral unWired headset is a good buy.

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