Building Leadership Talent


Perspectives from the Front Line

In Building Leadership Talent 12 thought-leaders cover the following themes:

  • Leadership as strategic organisational capability and intervention by Theo H Veldsman and Andrew J Johnson
  • Leadership talent for an uncertain future by David Conradie
  • Leadership assessment by Nicola Taylor and Paul Vorster
  • Business schools as hubs of leadership education by Piet Naudé
  • Leadership development: principles, approaches and processes by Nancy Keeshan and Sharmla Chetty
  • Leadership coaching by Aletta Odendaal
  • Corporate universities by Philipp Kolo, Rainer Strack and Jens Baier
  • The future of leadership by Andrew J Johnson and Theo H Veldsman

Building Leadership Talent also features inspirational leadership stories from:

  • Cheryl Carolus: Leaders must lead by example
  • Johan van Zyl: Get to know yourself early on in your career
  • Ali Bacher: Captaining on and off the field
  • Ian Donald: Being an authentic and confident leader
  • Herman Mashaba: Good leaders are guided by reality, not wishful thinking
  • Pfungwa Serima: Head in the Clouds and feet on the ground

Edited By Andrew J Johnson & Theo H Veldsman

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