Understanding Leadership


In Understanding Leadership 14 thought-leaders cover the following themes:

  • Leadership as strategic organisational capability and intervention by Theo H Veldsman and Andrew J Johnson
  • The Leadership Landscape as a meta-framework by Theo H Veldsman
  • Appreciative leadership by Freddie Crous
  • Neuroscience in leadership by Ingra du Buisson-Narsai and Dan Radecki
  • Action science by Andrew J Johnson
  • Psychobiographical profiling by Roelf van Niekerk, Mark Perry and Paul Fouché
  • Kegan’s competing commitments by Ian Lawson
  • Arbinger’s changing mindset by Cobus Pienaar and Jim Ferrell
  • Leadership psychodynamics by Pieter Koortzen
  • Re-authoring leadership narratives by Chené Swart
  • Action learning by Rosetta Pillay and Gerrit Walters
  • The future of leadership by Andrew J Johnson and Theo H Veldsman

Understanding Leadership also features inspirational leadership stories from:

  • Bridgette Gasa: Good leaders unite people
  • Johan van Zyl: Get to know yourself early on in your career
  • Dave Macready: Leadership built on vision, belief and passion
  • Gill Marcus: What matters is the greater good
  • Monhla Hlahla: Moving effectively through the stages of leadership impact
  • GT Ferreira, Laurie Dippenaar and Paul Harris: Leader excellence asks for a distinct, shared leadership philosophy

Edited by Professor Theo H Veldsman and Dr Andrew J Johnson

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