Customer service advantage through analytics


Wayne Arthur | CEO | Skyfii | | |

Advancements in cloud, mobile technology and Wi-Fi systems have enabled bricks-and-mortar venues to become more competitive by better understanding the needs of their diverse types of visitors.

Today, every smartphone is a chatterbox of information.

Woolworths South Africa, aiming to boost its customer engagement and service, has partnered with Skyfii to harness and analyse customer traffic information from its Wi-Fi systems.

The cloud-based platform uses existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, BLE beacon networks, door-to-people counters, video sources, web and social platforms to allow various types of venues to not only analyse behaviour of anonymous visitors, but also capture data from those who opt-in to free internet connectivity. In doing so, it converts the data into a critical sales and marketing tool that allows venues and their commercial tenants to deliver content that is catered to each visitor’s needs and interests.

Solutions are unique in that the three key solutions – IO Connect, IO Insight and IO Engage – are integrated to give the retailer real time data on the customer journey, the ability to analyse that data and the option to then engage directly with individual consumers in omni-channel marketing campaigns.

The partnership with Woolworths involves the IO Connect and IO Insight solutions, which position the retailer to map customer traffic flows. Two types of data are captured – anonymous mobile data on traffic through stores, and opt-in data on individual shoppers’ customer journey. This gives Woolworths the opportunity to understand each store’s performance – for example, which products and brands are most attractive on a certain day, or whether there are unacceptably long wait times at the tills or café.

The data will help the retailers to reorientate stores based on traffic flow, product placement and promotions, and support workforce management. The Woolworths implementation will be the first in South Africa to see the real power of next-generation retail in action, and the ultimate winner will be the customer.