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BOOK REVIEW | The Burial Plot

From Elizabeth Macneal, the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Doll Factory, The Burial Plot is a spellbinding Gothic thriller about murder and manipulation. London, 1839. With the cemeteries full and money to be made in death, tricksters Crawford and Bonnie survive on wicked schemes and ill-gotten coin.

The three apples that changed our world

Three iconic apples have profoundly shaped human behaviour over the centuries. It began with Eve's fateful bite, symbolising our innate temptation for social status. Then came Newton's apple, revealing the gravitational forces that exist between objects and people. Finally, there was Steve Jobs' Apple, putting a powerful handheld window to the world in our palms - allowing us to seamlessly connect, purchase, and share our lifestyles like never before.

Calling all young entrepreneurs – the mental toolbox needed to succeed

Ask any budding young entrepreneur in South Africa what they need most, and they will probably rattle off a list as long as your arm: Some moola to invest in their business. A stable electricity supply. The eradication of crime that destroys businesses and results in financial loss. Lower borrowing costs. Reasonable interest rates. And the list goes on.

Unleashing the power of African creativity

In recent years, the world has witnessed a remarkable shift in the global creative landscape, with African creativity arising as a powerful force to be reckoned with. As statistics and industry reports affirm, it is indeed our time to lead, and we have every reason to be proud of the incredible talent emanating from the diverse and rich cultures across the continent.

Better risk management profiling through storytelling

In the intricate practice of risk management, a perplexing paradox unfolds where organisations engage in risk management practices that replicate their previous risk strategies, and still expect a different or improved outcome. Sometimes the cost of consequences is left to chance, perpetuating an 'ostrich effect' where it’s hoped that somehow cutting costs on essential risk management principles will yield viable savings.

BOOK REVIEW | The Brave Code

Africa is rich with potential and renowned for its innovation. However, with the long shadow of the Berlin Conference of 1884 (also known as the Congo Conference) ever present, an exponential growth trajectory, using modern leadership and management practice, needs to be charted for Africa to catch up with the developed world.

Why storytelling ethics matter, especially in Africa

Stories sell. They grab at us and hold our attention in ways that fact-heavy reporting does not. What’s more, the stories we in the communications industry tell often have an impact, even on ourselves, that we don’t immediately grasp.

BOOK REVIEW | Think Faster, Talk Smarter

Stanford lecturer and host of the #1 business podcast Think Fast, Talk Smart, Matt Abrahams, reveals the secrets to finding the right words when it counts. Communication is crucial to success in life and business. However, it is not just big speeches that matter: it is also those critical, spur-of-the-moment situations for which we cannot prepare.

BOOK REVIEW | Alex Cross Must Die

The thirty-first instalment in James Patterson's globally bestselling Alex Cross series. When an American Airlines plane explodes in the sky, detectives Alex Cross and John Sampson are first on the scene. They don't hear the gunfire. At first.

BOOK REVIEW | The Bill Gates Problem

A critical look at how Bill Gates uses his wealth and power through the Gates Foundation to advance his own agenda and erode democratic institutions in the process. How much money should one man be allowed to amass? Would your answer change if you knew he was a saint?


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