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Working from home during COVID-19 lockdown: how to cope

As South Africans face the reality of a 21-day lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus, working from home has become the 'new normal' overnight – and if properly managed, it can be just as productive as being in the office. South African companies now join millions of businesses across the globe forced to learn fast and on-the-job how to manage a completely remote workforce.

Website audits could increase profits

Companies can become more profitable through website audits, it enables them to discover new revenue opportunities, uncover the most profitable areas of search and also shows their online presence profitability. Digital marketing should always start with an audit, it could benefit any business aiming to increase its online presence.

Today’s technology: how is it affecting tomorrow’s trading?

Technology is fundamentally changing our relationship with money. Fact. What we do for entertainment, how we get from point A to point B and even the most mundane routines such as grocery shopping are exponentially changing, on a daily basis. We are also seeing substantial changes in our relationship with money, specifically in the way we manage our money.

Digital marketing in the privacy age

Anyone who has worked in marketing for more than a decade will agree that we’ve entered a Golden Age of information. We know more about our consumers, their transactions, preferences, spending habits, income and demographics than ever before, freely surrendered by the consumers themselves as they shop, bank and socialise online.

Focusing on the legacy you want to leave

We live in a society of instant gratification. Google and Uber have become verbs – showing how accessible it has become to find information instantaneously and get a taxi to your doorstep in minutes. Click for takeaway food. Download a movie. Shop online. We post or tweet and are instantly heard by hundreds or even thousands of people. 

The real costs of hiring a wrong person

In a bid to cut costs, companies often attempt to handle prospective employees themselves. This approach, while often sensible, has far-reaching effects for the employer, especially when it becomes apparent that the new employee and the organisation’s values are in contrast with one another.

Franchises reap the rewards of tech-enabled LMS

Technology enabled Local Marketing Strategies (LMS) help leading franchises grow at a rate three times faster than competitors. One of the great challenges facing franchise businesses is to maintain their group brand identity while enabling LMS at branch level. Those that do, grow at a rate of about three times than that of their competitors.

Aviation industry: trends enabling better customer experiences

As digital transformation continues to evolve the business landscape, the market remains fiercely competitive for businesses and brands – especially when it comes to customer loyalty and retention. One industry where this rings especially true is aviation, where customers’ requirements for on-demand access to expert airline consultants must be met through a variety of channels when navigating their travel experience.

Social media influencers and brand owners beware!

The rules are about to change... or the majority of brand owners, social media advertising is a must-have. Not only is this platform one of the most cost-effective ways of brand promotion, it also, almost instantaneously, reaches a large, targeted consumer base.

Legality of job screening on social media?

On 13 February 2019, the Minister of the Department of Public Services and Administration in South Africa (the Department) released a media statement, causing some unease amongst the general public.



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