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Social media influencers and brand owners beware!

The rules are about to change... or the majority of brand owners, social media advertising is a must-have. Not only is this platform one of the most cost-effective ways of brand promotion, it also, almost instantaneously, reaches a large, targeted consumer base.

Legality of job screening on social media?

On 13 February 2019, the Minister of the Department of Public Services and Administration in South Africa (the Department) released a media statement, causing some unease amongst the general public.

Conferencing trends to look for

When you imagine attending a business conference, there is a certain expectation that comes with it. Typically, it involves being cocooned in a stark white space or darkened room, rows of chairs, and a projector pointing at a pull-down screen.

Employees’ post at their peril

Social Media represents one of the most significant developments in human communication and has undoubtedly changed the way we interact and share information. Social media has become a prevailing presence in our lives, including the workplace, and therefore poses a significant risk to the reputational integrity of employees and employers.

The B2B of LinkedIn

South Africa has 6,1 million people using LinkedIn, with 72% of brands relying on it as a marketing tool. This is very relevant in the B2B space, because you could be missing out if you’re not already using LinkedIn for business.

Protection of Information Act leaves loopholes for fraudsters

As the rate of identity theft accelerates, some have asked how information becomes available to companies and people pushing goods and services that an individual has no knowledge of requesting.

REPORT | Africa’s entertainment and media industry enters dynamic new wave...

Africa’s entertainment and media industry has entered a dynamic new phase - a third wave of convergence. The borders that once separated the entertainment and media (E&M), technology and telecommunications industries are blurring in the battle for the attention of the consumer in a world that is rapidly digitising.

The post humour society

It’s the era of living in fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. So be prepared as the history of reputational damage is littered with the debris of bad choices, poorly worded tweets and terrible articles.

BusinessBrief December/January 2017/18 edition is now available!

Read our exclusive cover story entitled THE ART OF POSTING - ARE YOU BREACHING COPYRIGHT? by Hugh Melamdowitz, Partner, Spoor & Fisher as well as a host of other topical management articles written by professionals, consultants and academics in the December/January 2017/18 edition of BusinessBrief.

Big data for human behavior

Hulya Balikci | Online Reputation Manager | NATIVE VML| hulya.balikci@native.co.za | www.vml.com | “Big Data” has became a popular term recently and it refers to the huge...
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