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Effective employee communication is essential during lockdown

As the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown nears the end of its initial deadline, businesses across the country have had to review the way that they communicate with their employees. With the diminished in-person contact that employers now have with their workforce, it is vital to have a system in place that ensures staff are equipped with the right information in order to stay safe, remain engaged with their companies, and be prepared for work to resume.

Tax measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic

Further to the fiscal package as outlined by President Cyril Ramaphosa in his speech on the Escalation of Measures to Combat COVID-19, the Minister of Finance has announced on 29 March 2020 certain exceptional tax measures to be implemented.

Mistakes to avoid when submitting your personal tax return

You, as the taxpayer, are responsible for declaring the correct information to SARS and will face the consequences if you don’t. Ensure that your tax practitioner declares all income by providing all the correct information to him or her.

BOOK REVIEW | Expatriate Tax

With the effective date of 01 March 2020 for the ‘expat tax’ drawing closer, South African expatriates, their employers and tax advisors have little time to come to grips with the impact that this tax policy and law change will have on them personally.

Employee overpaid – What now?

The issue of erroneously overpaying employees is usually found in the public sector but more inquiries are rapidly coming from the private sector and employers don’t know how to deal with this situation.

Fair & responsible remuneration critical

Executive remuneration has become a symbol of inequality in today’s global economic order. Shareholders are becoming more active in demanding that executive pay is more closely linked to results and stakeholders want a broader focus on the context in which the organisation operates.


The ongoing parliamentary enquiry into the SABC has eluded to the suggestion that one of the causes of the public broadcaster’s poor performance was...

Salary sentiment improves

SA’s top executives are confident that they will be fairly compensated – in terms of 2016 year-end bonuses and salary increases in 2017 - despite the current political and economic rollercoaster in which South Africa finds itself.



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