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Generative AI poses significant reputation & trust risks

Sports Illustrated – which was dragged through a protracted scandal after it was found that its publisher The Arena Group allowed artificial intelligence (AI)-generated content in the magazine, and the subsequent fallout including its CEO being fired and a missed license payment – has recently received a lifeline in the form of a new publisher in Minute Media.

Supporting the side hustle economy

One of the outcomes of the latest issue to swap the world – low growth, high interest rates and the threats of recessions – which will remain a driver for the growth of new ways of working and alternative business models for many years to come, is the increasing development of the side gig economy.

Why storytelling ethics matter, especially in Africa

Stories sell. They grab at us and hold our attention in ways that fact-heavy reporting does not. What’s more, the stories we in the communications industry tell often have an impact, even on ourselves, that we don’t immediately grasp.

Building your reputation, where to start

What exactly is reputation management? Is it public relations (PR) and clever marketing? Perhaps, crisis or social media management? A reputation is the perception or opinion that others hold about your company. It is formed based on numerous things such as past behaviour, actions, and achievements, and can have a significant impact on how your company is viewed and treated by others.

Online reputation management 101

Proper online reputation management is a must in today’s ever-evolving digital world and you can very easily make or break your brand in cyberspace. It’s been about 16 years since “Google” was added as a verb to the Oxford English dictionary. It was a significant addition to the lexicon, describing an activity that has come to define what’s now become the most basic method of verifying individuals, brands and organisations.

Repositioning a brand – unveiling the power of strategic transformation

In today's dynamic business landscape, repositioning has become increasingly significant for companies who want to maintain relevance, stay ahead of competitors, and adapt to evolving market demands. While "repositioning" and "rebranding" are often used interchangeably, understanding their distinctions is the key to unlocking the full potential of a brand's transformational journey.

BOOK REVIEW | Brandalism

In Brandalism, the follow-up to his bestselling, award-winning debut book The Best Dick, Mike Sharman delves into the (start)ups and downs associated with brand building and the need for business to dismantle, and vandalise its perceived, public-facing, persona.

2022 e-commerce trends

The events of the last few years have hit the fast forward button for the South African e-commerce industry. According to Geopoll, e-commerce grew by 66% YoY (Year over Year) in 2020, while brick and mortar retail fell by 30%.

The news is free – but ethics are sold separately!

The so-called ‘death of traditional news media’ is a conversation that has been going on in journalism circles, and the communications discipline, for a long time. In fact, when I was in journalism school a decade ago – the phenomena of social media and what it means for news to no longer break in the newsroom was scary.

Reputation is a board-level concern

On 15 April 1912, the 'unsinkable' RMS Titanic sank after colliding with an iceberg. It took the RMS Titanic a mere 160 minutes to sink. Originally it was thought that the iceberg had only caused a single long gash in the hull. However, after examining the wreck, it was found that the collision had produced a series of thin gashes, as well as brittle fracturing and separation of seams in the adjacent hull plates, which had allowed water to flood five of the 16 compartments. Interestingly, the ship had received six ice warnings before the collision. Similarly, Government and corporate reputations can be sunk when warnings over minor acts of maleficence and misdemeanours are treated as a cost of doing business.


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