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Harnessing solar – a complete guide to renting vs buying

As load shedding persists and solar gains popularity in South Africa, households are left with the decision of either buying or renting a solution. Solar solutions have taken centre stage in South African homes. The quest for an “always on” lifestyle has propelled consumers into a crucial crossroads: should you rent or buy your solar system?

Insuring a commercial or film production

The insurance aspects of film production shouldn’t be left to chance and producers should consider the very diverse risks accompanying the development of movies or series. The role of commercial and film producers’ insurance cover is to protect the financial interests of the production funders against unfortunate events that may cause physical damage or delays resulting in a loss.

Do research before moving off the grid with solar

Load shedding remains a thorn in the side of all South Africans and the country’s government, and it’s no surprise that more people are considering the move to solar as a renewable alternative energy source. However, the market is fraught with danger for the unsuspecting and desperate homeowner and consumers need to inform themselves and proceed with caution.

Right to repair – challenges and opportunities for the automotive industry

New guidelines coming into effect from 1 July 2021 include that for the first time, owners of new vehicles will be able to choose where they service their vehicles, without risk to their warranty. Prior to this landmark decision, motor manufacturers could cancel a warranty if a vehicle was not serviced at the dealership, a practice now declared incompatible with the Competitions Act.


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