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Call for higher taxes is misguided

A small group of naïve billionaires in the United States are lining up begging for higher taxes on the super rich. I say naïve because they itemise a whole list of problems they imagine can be solved with this additional tax. The whole thing reminds me of the history of foreign aid in Africa.

Cuba is no example to follow

Venezuela is proof of the miraculous impact of socialism. They took a prosperous nation and destroyed it almost overnight. That’s a problem for that other socialist paradise - Cuba.

Zimbabwe land lessons for South Africa

When it comes to land expropriation in South Africa, you can’t help but think, it’s déjà vu all over again. How things went in Zimbabwe, when President Mugabe desperately resorted to a similar policy, is an important warning to consider.

Bad economics is killing rhino

Now, I’m a fan of rhinos. I will admit the one that chased us one day wasn’t on my list of favourites at the time, but she didn’t stop me from going back into the bush later to look for more. I spent a little more than a decade living in Africa and would visit wildlife reserves 3 or 4 times per year at the least. One rhino reserve was about 30 minutes from home, but I often visited the larger reserves in Kwa-Zulu Natal or Mpumalanga. 

SAA – more of the same mistakes promises more of the...

There is a humorous saying: 'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 'It’s often attributed to Albert Einstein, but he isn’t the one who said it. It isn’t the definition of insanity either—but it does describe a trait we could call crazy. Our species tends to repeat past mistakes hoping our 'good intentions' will be enough to change the results—this time.

The incredible growth of the middle class

The world is fast approaching an incredible milestone in human development: for the first time in history more than half the world’s population will be middle class.

Population explosion: Is the end nigh?

Paul Ehrlich says the collapse of civilization is a 'near certainty' within decades – again. Well, given how awful his track record has been, I’m happy to hear it. Ehrlich has about a 0% correct rate on all his other predictions. But, he plays the same role to the Left that religious fanatics on the Right play – they predict the end of the world to rile up the faithful.

The land fetish

Doctors are the hardest people in the world to control. When governments attempt to control the lives of doctors, they find it’s not an easy task. If they tax them too highly, doctors leave. If the state attempts to make them involuntary servants of the government, again, they leave.It’s so hard for government to control the lives of doctors because physicians are highly skilled in a field where there is great demand. Harass a doctor in one country and he'll easily move to another.

Trade improves human wellbeing

Does anyone think Americans would be richer if each of the fifty states had restrictions on trade with the other states? That's the interesting question that Martin Wolf, Associate Editor at the Financial Times, asks in his book Why Globalization Works.

Easing the licensing process will lessen the burden on government

Michael O’Brien, 17, went in for a driver’s test. The testing official failed him when the fuel light came on 23 minutes after the test started. O’Brien wasn’t happy and filed a complaint. He said it didn’t sound right as the fuel light had nothing to do with his driving ability.
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