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Spilling the beans on disputes in the Metaverse

Given the multi-faceted nature of the Metaverse, the disputes that could arise are limitless. It is therefore important that dispute resolution mechanisms that will be used in dealing with Metaverse-related disputes are agile enough to account for a new legal environment.

Automation vs obsolescence – how AI is reinventing the role of...

From the rise of virtual influencers and the advent of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to TikTok’s explosive growth and Meta’s forays into the metaverse, we’ve seen a flurry of digital advances and innovation over the past five years. While some technologies such as virtual reality and NFTs still seem to loom far on the horizon, one heavily hyped tech that has broken through into the mainstream is artificial intelligence (AI).

BOOK REVIEW | The End of Reality

A withering takedown of four billionaires (from Andreessen to Zuckerberg) who are selling us fantasies while the world burns. At a time when multiple crises are compounding to create epic inequality, four billionaires are hyping schemes that are designed to divert our attention away from issues that really matter.

Tell the truth and tell it fast – crisis communications in...

Crises can be unpredictable, impacting businesses of all sizes and industries. However, the approach to crisis management today has undergone a significant transformation compared to two decades ago. While the response principles remain the same, the time in which to respond, and the tools available have drastically changed.

Metaverse comes into industrial focus

Holograms and virtual reality (VR) have long been a feature of the supposed 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). When President Cyril Ramaphosa opened the first 4IR SA summit in 2019, his address was live-streamed as a hologram to the Rustenburg Civic Centre.

Everything’s better in the metaverse

What sound better encapsulates the early 2000s than a dial-up internet tone? That shrill shriek of robotic beeps and high-pitched ringing signalled your entry into the World Wide Web – at that stage, a few basic HTML-coded pages of text and perhaps an image that took forever to load.

The Metaverse has arrived – businesses & brands need to jump...

Charlie Stewart | CEO | Rogerwilco | mail me |  Word on the street and in boardrooms across the world is that the Metaverse is...

How to build brand relevance in the metaverse

Once brushed off as an imaginary world, today's metaverse is no longer just a fantasy but a space ripe with potential. The global metaverse market is expected to increase to USD 678.8 billion by 2030, with the Asia Pacific (APAC) region rising as a bright spot. The reason for this growth is apparent – the technology upon which the metaverse is built is quickly adopted, and features such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain and decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) have crept into mainstream consciousness.

Metaverse migration – are virtual skills in reality needed?

The migration to the metaverse, or the Great ‘Metagration’ as we call it, means that businesses must upskill their teams and learn from the youth to close the knowledge gap.

BusinessBrief October/November 2022 edition is now available!

Read our exclusive cover story titled METAVERSE MIGRATION – ARE VIRTUAL SKILLS IN REALITY NEEDED? by Mic Mann, Co-founder and CEO, Africarare, as well a host of other topical management articles written by professionals, consultants and academics in the October/November 2022 edition.


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