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Submitting a fake doctor’s note could cost you your job

It’s the law. If you are absent from work for more than two consecutive days, or more than twice within eight weeks, you have to provide a doctor’s note to your employer, according to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA).

Financial institutions without acceptable empowerment plans could lose their licences

In 2020, the National Treasury published for public comment a draft Conduct of Financial Institutions Bill, as an update of its draft two years earlier. This 2020 draft bill aims, ambitiously, at revising the separate laws which regulate the conduct of financial institutions of all kinds, be they banks, insurers, pension funds or medical schemes; and which regulate the conduct of providers of financial advisory, administration or payment services.

BusinessBrief April/May 2024 edition is now available!

Read our exclusive cover story titled Deepfakes & legal evidence – how will the quest for authenticity be navigated? by Patrick Bracher, Director, and...

South Africa’s rail sector crisis – urgent reform & liberalisation required

The rail sector in South Africa is at a breaking point and urgent action is required. From a freight perspective, Transnet's incapacity to dispatch locomotives is at an all-time high. The National Logistics Crisis Committee estimates that the country's macro logistics system loses circa ZAR1 billion a day.


Why do so many South Africans prefer taking the law into their own hands to relying on the police? Why are those who do so often cheered or sympathised with? Of the unprecedented 27 000 recorded murders in South Africa in 2022, at least 1 894 – or 7 per cent – were attributed to mob justice and vigilantism, more than double the number from five years before.

Unpacking onerous adjustments to the apportionment formula

The shortcomings of the Value Added Tax (VAT) apportionment formula set out in 2011, have been addressed in a new formula which applies with effect from all financial years commencing on or after 1 January 2024. We highlight important adjustments to the formula which is laid out new Binding General ruling, BGR 16 (Issue 3).

BOOK REVIEW | The Diary of a CEO

This is not a book about business strategy. Strategy changes like the seasons. This is a book about something much more permanent. At the very heart of all the success and failure I've been exposed to - both my own entrepreneurial journey and through the thousands of interviews I've conducted on my podcast - are a set of principles that can stand the test of time, apply to any industry, and be used by anyone who is search of building something great or becoming someone great.

Sabinet’s instant online access to South African legislation

Laws governing a country are never static. Legislation is the backbone of a society. It enforces the rights and responsibilities of individuals and authorities. As society changes, so must the law, it needs to constantly improve and be amended in line with what works and what does not.

Advisers and family offices should collaborate, not compete

The services of financial advisers and family offices should not be regarded as mutually exclusive. On the contrary, South African ultra-high net worth (UHNW) clients may benefit greatly from collaborations that align both domestic and global servicing opportunities, while encompassing their inter-generational footprint.

Solving compliance issues in Africa

Business in Africa has never been better due to a slew of new investment opportunities on the continent, and companies around the globe are eyeing Africa as an attractive prospect to grow their businesses into new markets. In fact, a report by Deloitte revealed that the African economy is expected to grow by 7.7 per cent annually, between 2014 and 2019, roughly double the rate of advanced economies.


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