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Advisers and family offices should collaborate, not compete

The services of financial advisers and family offices should not be regarded as mutually exclusive. On the contrary, South African ultra-high net worth (UHNW) clients may benefit greatly from collaborations that align both domestic and global servicing opportunities, while encompassing their inter-generational footprint.

Solving compliance issues in Africa

Business in Africa has never been better due to a slew of new investment opportunities on the continent, and companies around the globe are eyeing Africa as an attractive prospect to grow their businesses into new markets. In fact, a report by Deloitte revealed that the African economy is expected to grow by 7.7 per cent annually, between 2014 and 2019, roughly double the rate of advanced economies.

Artificial Intelligence – the apex of tech and policy challenges!

Aalia Manie | Senior Associate | Webber Wentzel | aalia.manie@webberwentzel.com | www.webberwentzel.com | Artificial intelligence (AI) is the apex of today’s technology age as we...

Competition regulation in Africa

Roughly half of the African continent already has competition legislation in place, although some of these systems are not yet functional, and there are new systems coming into force all the time. For example, the head office of the regional competition authority, the East African Competition Commission opened in Tanzania and the first commissioners were appointed, and the Nigerian parliamentary lower house recently passed what will be Nigeria’s first proper antitrust regime.

IP & the Second Scramble for Africa

For the second time in history, the African continent has become a focal point for global expansion.  As a result, valuable goods, services and...

Foreign data laws

Many South African businesses have now heard of the Protection of Personal Information Act (or POPI), and some have even spent time and money implementing their policies to prepare for their new responsibilities in terms of it.

The trouble with law is lawyers, or is it?

Clarence Darrow once said that “the trouble with law is lawyers”. In defence of lawyers it could be said that ultimately the trouble with...

LABOUR BROKERS: Labour Appeal Court Supports Single Employer Interpretation

The uncertainty in relation to employees in Temporary Employment Services (TES) has taken another step towards clarity with a recent decision of the Labour...

Home Affairs, State Security and your Identity

For any country, it is important that Government has systems in place. For every person, the state needs to know, amongst other things, name,...

Incompatibility as a Ground for Dismissal?

"An employer has the prerogative to set reasonable standards pertaining to the harmonious interpersonal relationships in the workplace" - words by Mokgoatlheng AJ in the case of Jabari v Telkom SA (Pty) Ltd. This case reveals the lesser known of the lawful grounds for dismissal in South African employment law - incompatibility.



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