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BusinessBrief August/September 2021 edition is now available!

Read our exclusive cover story titled BUILD BACK BETTER | NOW IS THE TIME FOR POSITIVE RADICAL ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION! by Chris Hattingh, Deputy Director Free Market Foundation, Member of the advisory council Initiative for African Trade and Prosperity and Senior Fellow at African Liberty, as well a host of other topical management articles written by professionals, consultants and academics in the August/September 2021 edition of BusinessBrief.

Is multilingualism the silver bullet?

The Apartheid government’s Afrikaans Medium Decree of 1974 forced black schools to integrate Afrikaans as a language of instruction. This event struck a nerve that triggered the Soweto uprising of 1976 and contributed to exposing the Apartheid system for what it was: government tyranny.

BOOK REVIEW | Democracy Works

Democracy Works explores how we can learn to nurture and deepen democracy in Africa to ensure economic growth and political stability. Making democracy work relies on much more than having free and fair elections. It depends on what happens between elections. It relies on the systems and institutions of government. Very importantly it hinges on what politicians want to do with the power they acquire, beyond the power itself.

Politics & policy | follow winners, not losers 

Nationalisation of property, inefficient State-owned enterprises, raising the legal drinking age from 18 to 21, and higher taxes in a low-growth environment. These ideas have all been tried elsewhere. And they have failed consistently, with few exceptions.

Corruption and state capture research findings

Ask Afrika (South Africa’s largest independent research company) and Infusion Knowledge Hub were commissioned by the Centre for Communication and Reputation Management at the University of Pretoria, to explore the views of ordinary citizens around corruption and state capture.

Easing the licensing process will lessen the burden on government

Michael O’Brien, 17, went in for a driver’s test. The testing official failed him when the fuel light came on 23 minutes after the test started. O’Brien wasn’t happy and filed a complaint. He said it didn’t sound right as the fuel light had nothing to do with his driving ability.

ANC elective conference 2017 – a crossroad for future economic fortune

Tumisho Grater | Economic Strategist | Novare Actuaries and Consultants | tumisho@novare.com | www.novare.com | After months of political news flow dominating headlines, all eyes have be on the African National Congress (ANC) 2017 elective conference - and especially on the announcement of the new leader of the party. At this point in time, South Africa finds itself at a...

The growing rift between public and private sectors!

Terry Ramabulana | Head: Public Sector | Mazars | terry.ramabulana@mazars.co.za  | www.mazars.co.za | The latest Auditor General’s (AG) report reveals some major issues that could...

The President’s Keepers

By Jacques Pauw Those keeping Zuma in power and out of prison Investigative journalist Jacques Pauw exposes the darkest secret at the heart of Jacob Zuma’s...

DU’s key tool to drive public trust?

George Tshesane | Director: Public Sector | Deloitte | gtshesane@deloitte.co.za | www.deloitte.com | A rigorous focus on delivery is key to government winning public trust....


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